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We have also contributed in Nepali literature : Tigela

By Shyam Rimal (RSS):  The expatriate Nepali Literary Society UK and Brunei and World Nepali Literary Federation have stressed on protection, promotion and encouragement of Nepali Diaspora literature to support Nepali literary mainstream.
The Federation established on the day of Bhanu Jayanti of 2067 BS with an objective of making Nepali literature worldwide, has now 13 branches in 11 countries and six literary organizations, and the society is of Nepali writers working in UK, Brunei, Singapore and Indian army.

Talking to RSS, general secretary of the Federation and Chairman of the Society Biswasdeep Tigela who was in Nepal said the pivot of Nepali literature should understand the service done by Nepali writers outside the country amid some two to 2.5 million people which will also make the centre prosperous.

The organization like Nepal Academy, TU, and Sajha Prakashan should open their Diaspora literature units and should represent Diaspora literature.

“Diaspora literature can give how it feels when one lives in the chilling Russian snows, works as shepherd in the Gulf and of the Nepali women facing sexual exploitation or about climbing Fuji mountain of Japan. We too have contributed to literature to make it prosperous, ”  he said.

Talking about me, I have given my experience of going to war while in British army that too with a Nepali heart, he said.

Tigela has to his credit ‘Pardeshi Ka Koseli Kabitaharu’ (poetry), and ‘Griha Yuddhaka Pida’, and Desh Boknu Ko Pida’ (travelogues), among others.

The federation has now run online Nepali Radio poetry competition and the Samaj has run online Nepali Radio Gajal competition.

He said they are utilising some time saved while working in foreign land in literature, culture and art in foreign countries and have been holding interaction and seminars and called for their criticism in Nepal as well. He also informed that  they have been thinking to hold an international Nepali literary conference.

The Society on Tuesday honored director of the film ‘Lahure’, Tulasi Ghimire and VC winner Ram Bahadur Limbu with Prabhat Expatriate Prize and honour.RSS

Published Date: Friday, August 10th, 2012 | 03:26 AM

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