UN chief hails progress in Nepal’s peace process

KATHMANDU,(Xinhua): The United Nations Secretary- General Ban Ki-Moon on Sunday welcomed the agreement to kick-start the integration of former Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (UCPN-M) combatants in the Nepal Army.

Spokesperson to the UN Secretary General issued a press statement Sunday stating that the agreement had ignited hopes to integrate and rehabilitate the UCPN-Maoist combatants.

“He (Ban Ki-Moon) had commended the role of political parties, Nepal government, Nepal Army, UCPN-Maoist commanders and combatants for having worked in a spirit of compromise and consensus to reach this agreement.”

He has also urged all political parties to maintain the momentum and consensus to bring the peace process and drafting of the new constitution to a successful and timely conclusion.

In the statement, Moon has also expressed his optimism on the timely statute and completion of peace process. “This has reflected the hopes of all the Nepali citizens for the timely statute and peace process,” the statement reads.

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