UCPN Maoist splits, Baidya leads new party, revolution in the offing

KATHMANDU: Nepals largest political party UCPN (Maoist) has formally splitter on Monday.  The dissident faction of the UCPN Maoist separated from the party and decided to form a new party with the name CPN Maoist.

Ongoing national gathering of UCPN Maoist cadres affiliated to the faction unanimously endorsed the political proposal prepared by Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya Kiran to form a new party.

Participants of the meeting said that the Baidya himself will lead the new party whose governing body and membership still remains to be finalized.

With the discussions on these still going on, the gathering is expected to revise the 75 member central committee proposed by Baidya.

The UCPN Maoist was functioning with two factions for the past five years with differences emerging between the establishment faction led by Puspa Kamal Dahal and another dissident faction led by Mohan Baidya Kiran.

Along with splitting from the party, the faction has also decided to gear up for revolution while concluding that the path of peace and consensus had no hopes left.

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