Three-party fails to corner federal issues

KATHMANDU: With only a day short before the Constitution Assembly is dissolved meeting of three lead parties and Madheshi Front failed to corner disputed issues related to federalism on Saturday also.
The meet remained inconclusive after Maoist-Morcha and NC-UML remained steadfast on their earlier stance on the basis, number and nomenclature of federalism.
Maoist and the Madheshi Front proposed for 10 to 14 state model on bearing unitary ethnic identity, as proposed by the commission’s report on state restructuring and the CA’s thematic committee.
However NC and UML had proposed to form 6 to 14 federal states with multiple identity.
However after Congress and UML presented their proposal Maoist Chairman Prachanda had walked away from the meeting slamming the proposal informed Congress Vice president Ram Chandra Paudel.
Following the move, other leaders present in the meeting had also left the venue, rendering the meeting inconclusive.

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