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Threats of war, secession and protest dominate Madheshi rally

N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:  Senior leaders of five madhesh-based parties lambasted the major political parties for conspiring against the Madheshi aspirations and denying them their rights including federalism.
Influential leaders from the Madhesh launched salvo against the ‘mainstream political parties’ during a mass rally organized by The United Democratic Madheshi Front at the Open Theater in the capital on Saturday.
Most of them demanded that federalism be incorporated into the new constitution and warned either to split Madhesh or to launch stern protests across the nation or to launch protests against the ‘mainstream’ politicians if their demand for ‘one madhesh one pradesh’ was not incorporated in the new constitution.
Chairman of Tarai Madhes Loktantrik Party Mahantha Thakur accused the elite politicians, including the former monarchs, of snatching Madhes from the hands of Madhesi people. “The forest, soil and other resources of Madhesh are being stolen by non-Madhesis,” Thakur claimed.

He asserted that the federalism as wished by Madhesh was not only meant for the Madheshis but was aimed at recognizing and preserving various cultural and ethnic groups across the nation.
“The country will split if federalism is not secured in the new constitution. Don’t doubt it. It is certain” said Thakur adding “ the country would be captured by Madhesis if the new constitution did not guarantee federalism in it”
Mahendra Yadav, Chairman of Tarai Madhes Loktantrik Party-Nepal, even went further while warning that the Madheshis were ready to go for war with the state if the federalism is not secured.
“There will be another Mahabharat in Nepal and that will be for federalism. We have had enough movements. Now we might have to go for war.”  Yadav said.
Yadav urged all the Madhesis, indigenous people and ethnic groups to unite for ensuring federalism in the new constitution.
Chairman of Sadbhawana Party and Minister for Health and Population Rajendra Mahato also warned of splitting Madhesh from the nation if federalism was not guaranteed in  the new constitution.
He also warned against questioning the nationalism of the Madehsi community and claimed that anyone who does so will have to pay dearly. He maintained that the three regions of the country—Mountain, Hilly and Tarai—do not yet share an emotional bond. “Prithivi Narayan Shah’s unification was geographical not emotional,” Mahato said.
Acting president of the Madheshi Jandhikar Forum (Ganatantrik) Raj Kishor  Yadav  warned they would expel  leaders from the Singha Durbar if they promulgate the constitution without federalism.
“The leaders would be expelled either to Pashupatinath or Kashi, if they could not secure federalism in the upcoming constitution” Yadav added addressing the program. .
Despite harvesting the resources of Madhesh, leaders are hesitating to give rights to the Madhesi parties, Yadav blamed.
He said that the Mahesh-based parties were not plotting to split the Madhesh from the country Yadav and also defended the secessionist, regionalists, ethnicist and racist accusations leveled against Madheshi leaders by ‘mainstream political parties’.

Published Date: Saturday, March 31st, 2012 | 09:13 PM

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