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There was no discussion about threshold: Agni Sapkota (Spokesperson, UCPN-Maoist)

People have been saying that UCPN-Maoist does not want election of the constituent assembly why they are saying so?

May be the person, who is unknown about the present political process and the initiative taken by the UCPN-Maoist, can say so. Otherwise the person should have been motivated by some bias. Otherwise people may not have talked such unrealistic issues. We left our own government for the sake of election so how can one say we do not want election. We have been working round the clock for creating environment for the election, so, the statement that UCPN-Maoist does not want election is a false statement.

What is the base for saying that UCPN-Maoist wants to reach to the helm of power rather than elections?

This is a non-political and wrong statement, so, we don’t need to search base of this statement. Our party is committed that only the fresh mandate could give outlet to the current problems dogging the country. All have to understand it. We want to go for the election at the earliest and we request the government to create conducive environment for election and announce the date for election at the earliest.

The political parties should reach into consensus for the environment of the elections. Isn’t it?

Yes that’s why we have been saying that let’s resolve only major issues do not go for unnecessary disputes. Attempts are on to disturb the environment for election by raising unnecessary issues like the threshold and others.

Threshold is essential isn’t it?

If it is good then all the parties need it. But the need at the moment is to hold the elections of the constituent assembly at any cost, so, the legislation should be issued without making any dispute, some political parties are seen competing for making various disputes. We are trying the resolve all the problems but others are trying to complicate it so who has the fault in this regard?

Earlier you have agreed on it so how can you say differently at the moment?

We have not deviated from past agreements. The parties did not have any discussion on the issue of threshold so how can they say we reached into an agreement. Nepali Congress and CPN-UML have been trying to make people fool by saying agreement was forged on the issue, which was not even discussed. The issue has raised suspicion that these parties are trying to foil the election in November.

Nepali Congress and UML have clearly mentioned that one percent threshold should be mentioned and the size of constituent assembly should not exceed 491, so, how can you forge consensus on these issues?

You can raise various stance if you want to push the country towards chaos otherwise we need to forge consensus. We did not say the number of CA should be 601, we just mentioned that we need to listen the demands raised by different parties. We have said that we will be flexible in all the issues except the resignation of the government led by Regmi and 25-point agreement. We believe that the issues will be resolved gradually once the date for the elections of the constituent assembly was announced.

Leaders of Nepali Congress and CPN-UML have been blaming that you are conspiring not to bring CPN-Maoist into the election?

This is quiet ridiculous matter. We have been saying that the provision of ten thousand citizenship number is unnecessary to help registration of the separate party led by Mohan Baidya. They may not face problem to collect 10 thousand signatures but we have been saying that the provision is irrelevant to assist them, so, how can we hatch conspiracy not to bring them into the election.

Baidya led CPN-Maoist has been demanding to dissolve the incumbent government for election to take place. Will you agree on their demand?

If the government was dissolved all the process will go out of track, so, the demand is irrelevant. Their demand is childish.

If you really want them to participate in the poll you should be ready for dissolving the incumbent government. Isn’t it?

We believe that if the incumbent government was dissolved there will be chaos and there will not be the environment for election anytime in the future. No-one shall raise such condition and push the country towards anarchy and invite more crisis. This is not practical issue. We are ready to address other issues except changing the government.

President of Nepali Congress has also raised the issue that Regmi should resign from the post of Chief Justice. How do you take this issue?

A leader like him should not raise such impractical issue. He may be deviated from someone’s whim. The leadership should not run by whim and it should be able to take decision after having far-sighted vision and should stand by their decision with firm commitment. I want to advise him to present such behavior.

Published Date: Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 | 11:27 AM

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