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Terrorism is the concern for all, especially Maoist terrorism for us Nepalese : Dr. Tilak B. Shrestha

Subject: Prachanda visits USA

Dear all Namaste!

May Buddha bless us all!

I am a private person and don’t seek publicity (Na Neta na Avineta, neither a leader nor an actor). However, given the undue-publicity and numerous inquiries here is a brief response. I am a vegetarian, enjoy meditation and appreciate Gandhian ideal. However, if our motherland is threatened, as is, I believe we must stand up and say ‘no more.’ Let us remember our roots and the duty ‘Karmanye vadhikaraste maa faleshu kadachan…., do your duty without expecting rewards, Krishna.’

I am a science researcher ‘satellite remote sensing.’ Here is a note “Application of the remote sensing technology in Nepalese Agriculture’ attached. I try to help our Nepalese brothers and sisters here in my own small ways. I also teach ‘mathematics and science’ and ‘martial arts’ to American youngsters. I am happy to mention that my social service is recognized by Honorable President Donald Trump and awarded me the ‘Appreciation Certificate.’ As a matter of duty, if invited I do talk about our Dharma. Here is a note on ‘Dharma, Varna and Jati’ I presented in the Nepal Convention, Chicago, September 1, 2018, attached.

Contrary to the public reporting, I did not go to the court and file a law suit (Ujuri). I merely requested the ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ to forward to the appropriate office the report that a terrorist is visiting USA. The ‘terrorist’ is defined by the US Government, as per the government list of terrorists, not by me.

Terrorism is the concern for all, especially Maoist terrorism for us Nepalese. I am happy to note the kindred spirit with the ‘Janasamparka Samiti – Public Relations Committee’, Nepali Congress, Maryland, America.” I do appreciate the committee’s concerns and the support very much.


Public Relations Committee, Nepali Congress, issued a ‘Press Release’ on March 22, 2019

“We the members of Nepali Janasamparka Samiti along with Nepalese who believe in democracy and the victims of decade long Maoist conflict want to express our serious concern regarding the presence of the president of Communist Party of Nepal and the Chairman of the then Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachand) in Baltimore, Maryland USA. Prachand, the leader of Maoist Party is a declared terrorist for the violent, brutal and barbaric actions that claimed the lives of 17000 innocent Nepali people.

We genuinely want to draw attention of American government, American people and international community towards the presence of Prachand in American soil. We would also like to remind the recent opinion of Prachand regarding Venezuela issue. We strongly believe that these issues must be addressed in accordance with the principles of Human Rights and International Law.

Finally, we request our community to boycott all the programs of Prachand in the USA.”

I am not a politician nor member of any party. But we are not immune to the political events in Nepal. Here is my view to clear misgivings. Nobody needs to agree with me.

1. We had democracy in 1990. The constitution created under the leadership of Honorable Krishna Prashad Bhattarai was democratic. It clearly writes ‘People are sovereign’ and if need be there is plenty of provisions to amend it.

2. The Maoists insurgency in 1996 was against the democracy to impose the communism by force. They had every right to present their views to public and get elected peacefully. Yet they choose the way of terror. The Maoist terror was a deliberate political tool. Maoist terror killed over 17,000 poor Nepalese. Imagine the horror of deaths and depravity in their-families. The economic infrastructure destroyed is given as over 70 billion-dollar worth. Today, over 5 million poor Nepalese are working abroad just to keep the body and the soul together.

3. Maoist terror also attacked our heritage. They pissed on our temples and force-fed beef to Brahmans. Exactly, how such cruelties help our nation? Is it Marxism? It is all about destroying our identity to impose another.

4. They deliberately worked to foment the unprecedented ethnic frictions. Maoists tried to misguide different ethnic groups by promising nationhood to all. We are small nation (27 million) but have over 125 ethnic groups. Imagine the effects of this deliberately created problem.

5. The interim parliament had 30% unelected Maoists and only 70% elected parliamentarians. The political compromise was not within the democracy, but of the democracy itself. The democracy is cut down to 70%. The question remains how do political parties have mandate to do so?

6. Maoist terror also imposed ‘Dharma nirapexata, Sanghiyata and Ganatantra, Secularism, Federalism and Republic.’ They were never discussed in public and have no mandate. There must be public discussions and referendum for the mandate. Let informed people decide.

7. Let us remember the official poll taken on the draft constitution in July 2015. It was people’s mandate and ratification (Anumodan) of the constitution. Yet, it is still being suppressed. In democracy, suppressing people’s mandate\ratification is treason and renders the constitution invalid.

I am all for peace and brotherly\sisterly love of all and all over – Nepal, America and the world – ‘Bashundhaiwa Kutumbakam, the world is a family’ and ‘Sarve Api sukhino santu, let all be happy.’ However, if evil attacks us, we also must stand against. An American adage says ‘Evil wins when good people do nothing.’ If we love our motherland, we all must do our duty, whatever be the form.

Thank you very much.


Tilak B. Shrestha, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Kentucky State University

Frankfort, Kentucky

(Tilak B. Shrestha, Ph.D. letters regarding ‘Prachand visits USA’)

Published Date: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 | 04:23 AM

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