Telecommunication disrupted in Kalikot and Bajura

KALIKOT: Telephone services in Kalikot and Bajura district have been disrupted for a week due to technical problems in the telephone tower.

The service recipients complained that they were hard hit as no maintenance work was carried out in the mobile tower of Nepal Telecom situated at Dhoulagoha VDC in Kalikot district.

Around 5,000 service recipients of Dhoulagoha, Khin, Nanikot, Badadkot, Ramnakot, Thirpu VDCs in Kalikot districts and Gotri, Moti, Saghata, among other VDCs in Bajura district are disconnected from the services due to some technical problems in the tower of the Sky Telephone.

According to Nepal Telecom Office, Kalikot, a technical team will be sent to the site today itself to carry out the maintenance works.

However, locals said that the officials of the telecom turned a deaf ear to their pleas. RSS

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