‘Social Democratic Party’ announced

A new party named ‘Social Democratic Party’ was announced here on Sunday with the main theme of ‘social democracy for plural nationalism identity: unity in diversity, peace and prosperity for equality’.
The party is chaired by a collegial comprising Chaitanya Subba, Krishna Bahadur Bhattachan, Kumar Rai, Mahendra Lawoti, Bam Kumar Budha, Dalmardan Kami, Nima Gyalgen Hyolmo, Jotyi Danuwar and Pasang Sherpa.
The party announced today also released a five-point manifesto including to take the nation ahead by putting an end to all kinds of inequalities, discrimination, exclusion, injustice, exploitation and suppression based on ethnicity, language, region, religion and gender existing in the country.
The new party comes along with the recent announcement of the Federal Socialist Party by Ashok Rai, who abandoned the CPN-UML.

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