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Shape of Water-Inspired Sex Toy Not an 'Accurate Representation,' Says Guillermo del Toro


The Shape of Waterone of the most celebrated interspecies love stories since Beauty and the Beast, has inspired a very adult piece of fan-art – and Guillermo del Toro is less than thrilled about the NSFW homage.

Asked about a new sex toy, which is meant to emulate the reproductive organs of the film’s male love interest, a humanoid fish creature referred to only as the Amphibian Man, the director told The Wrap, “I don’t think it’s an accurate representation. It’s some form of fan art … I guess.”

The toy was created by a company called XenoCat Artifacts, which based the product on how they believed the fish-man’s appendage would look, as the film mercifully avoids picturing it onscreen. (However, Sally Hawkins character, who falls in love with the Amphibian Man, does give a brief description of the creature’s penis to her onscreen coworker, played by Octavia Spencer).

While del Toro might not agree with the depiction (seen here), the limited edition sex toy sold out all 20 “units” in just two days, according to E! News.

The director wasn’t the only person involved with the film to raise an issue with the product. Doug Jones, who plays the amphibious Lothario, told The Wrap, “With a light chuckle, I can tell you it’s not exactly what I’d hoped for.”

He explained, “After pouring my heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into this romantic, beautiful, magical role, the last thing I want to be remembered for is a silicone appendage that comes in two sizes.”

Fortunately, The Shape of Water has plenty to celebrate as well. The film is nominated for a whopping 13 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Directing and a Best Actress nod for Hawkins.

(This story has not been edited by N24 staff and is People.com auto-generated from a RSS feed.)

Published Date: Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 | 05:45 PM

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