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Selling bracelets to make a difference in Nepal

By John Curry, EMC news – They’re bracelets made of handmade hemp and beads. And they’re going to be the means that allows Allyson Theriault of Stittsville to make a difference in Nepal.

That’s right, these colourful bracelets that Allyson makes and is now selling for ten dollars each are going to provide the funds that she needs to travel to Nepal this coming March and work with a group building a new room at a school. All she needs now is for people to buy these bracelets.

They are on sale at Blue Bamboo Yoga at the Jackson Trails Centre plaza in Stittsville, as well as the Blue Bamboo Yoga studio in Kanata. They are also on sale at the Urban Tags consignment shop at the Mac’s plaza at the corner of Stittsville Main Street and Hobin Street in Stittsville.

These are handmade bracelets, each one made by Allyson herself.

She began making them last September to raise money for the Global Seva Challenge 2012, an initiative which assists organizations that provide support to survivors of the sex trafficking industry in India. She set a goal of raising $300 and ended up raising over $1,000. Not bad for someone who did not know how to bead or make bracelets. However, she taught herself how to do it by watching a You Tube video and her resulting successful sales and fundraising are proof that she quickly mastered the art of making the bracelets.

It takes her about 20 minutes to make each bracelet, with each one costing about two dollars to make due to the cost of the beads and the hemp string needed to create them.

Her initial sales of these bracelets raising money for the Global Seva Challenge 2012 proved to be so well received and popular that she decided to try to raise the $3,000 that she needs for her trip to Nepal to help out there by selling more of the bracelets.

This time she has added a printed tag to the bracelets which explains why the bracelets are being sold, namely to help out a school in Nepal.

She will be heading to Chainpur, Nepal this coming March to work with a group to complete a school room to provide a safe environment in which students can learn. “Creating Possibilities,” a partner organization in Nepal, currently supports 113 indentured girls who belong to families who have recently been freed from bonded labour but who have insufficient means to survive.

Allyson, who teaches yoga at both the Blue Bambool Yoga studio in Stittsville as well as at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex, is going to Nepean in a trip facilitated by “Developing World Connections,” based in British Columbia. The inspirational title given to these arranged service based trips to “Yoga, Action, Adventure.”

Allyson will be heading to Nepal with a group under the leadership of Megan Campbell, founder of “Journey of the Yogini” or JOY in short.

Although she has no construction or building experience, she feels that the work in Nepal will be very doable since it will probably involve digging trenches and mixing cement, both of which can be done by the relatively inexperienced.

“I’m passionate about taking my yoga outside the studio and encouraging others to do the same,” Allyson says. She is happy when she sees people wearing her handmade hemp and bead bracelets, knowing that each bracelet represents a person who has made a conscious decision to support the global community and to make a difference.

She notes that the bracelets make an ideal gift.

Allyson’s passion for going to help out in Nepal can be seen from the fact that she not only has her bracelets on sale to raise funds but she has even taken a part-time job at the Bayshore Shopping Centre to help in raising the required monies.

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia with a population of about 27 million people.

It is located in the Himalayas and is bordered to the north by China and to the south, east and west by India. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and its largest city.

The mountainous north of Nepal has eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains including Mount Everest.

It has more than 240 peaks over 20,000 feet above sea level.

The south of the country is fertile and humid and is heavily urbanized.

Hindu is the most common religion in Nepal, with Buddhism being a minority faith.

About two thirds of female adults and one third of male adults in Nepal are illiterate.

Published Date: Thursday, November 15th, 2012 | 10:11 AM

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