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SDM in Nepal to interfere in Nepalese affairs yet again

N24 KATHMANDU: India’s self-styled “friend of Nepal” and ” Nepal expert” as he is variously identified has come up with subtle remark that Nepal should not mind receiving any help from India.

He said this while presenting a “paper” at a seminar organized by TU but funded by Indian embassy.

He started by saying South Block officials do not have basic information on Nepalese political situation yet they are allowed to chart India’s Nepal policy.

Someone who is believed to be briefing South Block from time to time, what he perhaps meant to say is India must twist Nepalese arms firmly.

He went on to pass a joke that many in Indian foreign ministry do not know difference between Matrika Prasad (M.P), Bisheshwar Prasad (B.P) and Girija Prasad (G.P). He add yet they are in-charge of Nepal desk”.

He came up with further saying “ many scribes except a few based in Nepal do not have in-depth knowledge of the relations between the two countries.” “India bashing in the name of nationalism is self-immolating.”

Muni continuing with his inner frustration added, “The relation between the two countries is based on propaganda than facts.” He denied accepting the fact that India has been unnecessarily poking its nose in the internal matters of Nepal.

“Rather than resolving disputes locally, India has been invited to extend its helping hand, which is not a matter of interference.”

However what is open secret in Muni’s presence in Nepal in itself tantamount to interference in the internal matters of Nepal. “Nepali leaders rarely unite. And you criticize New Delhi”.

Published Date: Thursday, April 5th, 2012 | 08:25 PM

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