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Prez to take a move today; Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, likely to be Prime Minister

President Dr Rambaran Yadav is scheduled to make a formal call to the political parties on Thursday for the national consensus government, according to the source close to President Office. Since the political parties have failed to strike a deal on various contentious issues and government being unable to take the opposition parties into confidence despite of his repeated pressure, President Dr Yadav will take a move of calling political parties for forging consensus on various contentious issues including the government formation with allocating them a deadline.
Sources say that the President and Prime Minister were in secret hectic parleys this week for giving an outlet to the country.
There were also speculations on Thursday that the Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai is going to quit through his televised address to the nation  but given to the differing views on resignation issue with other ruling parties, mainly Madhes based parties, he just stated that he is ready to ‘make any sacrifice’. President Office was also waiting to make a call for consensus following the Prime Minister’s resignation. He went to Shital Niwas to persuade the President who was disappointed by his address to the nation. “The Prime Minister said that he would play a positive role for consensus even sitting in the post which is already in a caretaker position,” an aide of the President told requesting anonymity. “I am ready to resign anytime,” he said claiming that the Prime Minister has given a nod to the President’s step of calling for national consensus.
Though the President would make a call for national consensus government with stipulating deadline, it would be a daunting task for the political parties to come to a consensus including the leadership issue of national unity government. However, a source also claims that the President is interested to make Dr Ram Sharan Mahat as the candidate for the Prime Minister of yet-to-be-formed national consensus government. “Since former Congress President Girija Prashad Koirala had proposed Dr Mahat for the candidate of President. However, Dr Mahat proposed Dr Yadav for the President so the latter wants to payback the generosity demonstrated by the former,” the sources added, “this would also be a support to the party president who will have to face a Herculean task of settling the internal party rows for the post of prime minister.”

Published Date: Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 | 11:50 PM

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