Prez meets big four top guns

President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and the top leaders of the four major political parties this morning has held discussions on finding a way out of the current political imbroglio in the country. The discussions took place at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, Sheetal Niwas.
He had held discussions with the top leaders separately on Wednesday.
The discussions by the Head of the State with top leaders of the Unified CPN (Maoist), the Nepali Congress, the CPN (UML) and the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) is centred on going for the elections by constituting a consensus government, according to a source.
The President has been egging on the leaders of the political parties to arrive at a consensus at the earliest for a way out of the existing political crisis dogging the country lately.
In this connection, President Yadav has been holding meetings with the leaders in group and separately since some days back.

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