Prachanda’s slapper Kunwar to spend donation for social cause

Padam Kunwar who came to limelight all of a sudden after he slapped Chairman of the UCPN-Maoist, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has so far received Rs 154,000, as financial help from the country and abroad.

At a program in the capital on Wednesday, Kunwar said the amount received from various persons would be used for social welfare. Emotional before the media persons, he said the change the country achieved was all because of the sacrifice of the people from both sides- state and rebel. However, the families of those killed in the insurgency are still living in pitiable condition, he added.
“As the leaders became apathetic to the poor condition of people, I became moved and slapped Maoist Chairman Dahal. The incident was not coordinated but an impulsive,” Kunwar said.
Similarly, he said he would devote his life to economic prosperity of the country either through social service or politics. According to him, a vibrant social network was essential to prod political leaders for the development of the country.

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