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Prachanda’s desire for PM exposed his real face: Sushil Koirala

N24: Prachanda expressed his own desire to be the Prime Minister? What do you say?
Koirala: Prachanda’s real face has been unmasked.  I have got signal of his desire few weeks ago. This has made clear that the Maoist doesn’t want the election to be held. The ruling party Maoist has been prolonging its stay in the government by throwing various alternatives. Sometime proposing to revive the already dead Constituent Assembly, sometime pushing the independent person as the PM candidate or PM from the ruling coalition, and these days he is speaking his dream to be the PM himself. The Maoist intention would be judged by the Nepali people.
The latest alternative to make Prachanda as PM is a Maoist ploy to stick in the power and not to hold the election. Nepali Congress would not let them to grab the state power. Now there is not compromise with the Maoist, we would create the storm of protests.

N24: Isn’t Congress going to back the government formation under the leadership of Prachanda?
Koirala: It’s impossible to accept the Prachanda led government to Congress. The desire of Prachanda to be the PM is nothing more than the ploy of the Maoist to prolong the Maoist rule in the country.  Congress is not going to be trapped on their conspiracy. Congress is not going to accept such government.

N24: What if Prachanda becomes the Prime Minister?
Koirala: Don’t ask such foolhardy question. This is the question like what if the sky is going to fall. Prachanda is not going to be the Prime Minister; this is their ploy to prolong their stay in the government. We are not going to compromise with anyone now. This would be settled through the street protest.

N24: Neither you could be the PM nor you provide any alternative?
Koirala: Why should I give the alternative! First, he (Prachanda) requested me to be the candidate reaching my own residence saying that the consensus would be forged upon my name and now what does it mean of asking the alternatives? Hasn’t Prachanda requested me for my candidacy for the PM. Now why should I withdraw it to give the alternative? We are not going to provide any alternative. Congress is not going to be back from its stance.

N24: There is another alternative from the Prime Minister to form the government under the leadership of independent person?
Koirala: This alternative is not acceptable to us. This is the Maoist ploy towards state capture by forming the government under the leadership of independent person close to them. This would push the country towards further uncertainty. We have clearly understood their fraudulent plan. Maoist is hell-bent on imposing the totalitarianism, and Congress wouldn’t let this happen at any cost.

N24: Would you be able to topple the government from the street?
Koirala: Why not! Congress has abolished the Rana Oligarchy rooted in the country for 104 years, overthrown autocratic Panchayati rule, eliminated 240-year long monarchy so it would not be a great deal for us to topple this government. We would topple this government from the street if they don’t come to the consensus.

N24: Aren’t you going to hold dialogues with them?
Koirala: Though we would launch the street protest, id doesn’t mean that we are for prohibitory politics. The agitation and dialogue would go together. We strive for seeking an outlet from both fronts. Congress is always ready for consensus, cooperation and unity. Congress is always in favor of reconciliation.

N24: Don’t you feel betrayed by Pranchanda, who first asked you to announce your candiadacy and later made his desire public for the PM post?
Koirala: Prachanda hasn’t betrayed me. He has exposed his real face. This has made crystal clear to the people that Prachanda’s real face is all about conspiracies. Maoist has proved itself to be wrong.

N24: So, what’s the way-out now?
Koirala:The outlet is only agitation now, protest and only protest. We have already jumped into the front of the street protest. The country would now get the passage from our protest.

N24: What’s the nature of the street protest?
Koirala: Our protest is very much peaceful. We would topple the government from the peaceful protest. We have also issued directives to our sister-wings for the peaceful protest. The democracy is in crisis now and I appeal all the people from all walks of life to come to the street protest.

Published Date: Sunday, January 27th, 2013 | 02:58 AM

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