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Prachanda gives enough credit to India for shaping peace process

N24, KATHMANDU: Prachanda has said the political journey that began from New Delhi following the 12-point understanding has reached its culmination with the handover of PLA command to the national army.

The deal signed between Seven-Party Alliance and the Maoist outfit in New Delhi with Indian cooperation now seven years ago has set the pace for the peace processs that is now billed to throw up a new constiutiton.

“It is a matter of pride PLA is now going to be part of the national army,” Prachanda has been reported to have told The Hindu, an Indian daily.

“As the chairman of the party which led the process, I feel I got an opportunity to fulfil my responsibility. The journey that began in Delhi with the 12-point deal has now concluded.”

Prachanda has also said there has been certain freshness in relationship between New Delhi and Nepali Maoists as well as a greater understanding of each other’s concerns in the past year-and-a half.

“Right now, India wants to see the conclusion of peace and constitution-drafting processes” he said adding ” political stability and development in Nepal. I don’t see India having other motive.

He has also said an appropriate balance between India and China is important, however quickly added Kathmandu has a “special relationship” with Delhi.
Meanwhile he drew attention at the goodness of a national unity government which should should be formed under the current prime minister till the peace process is completed and an agreement on the fundamentals of the new constitution reached.

“On the day of constitution promulgation itself, we do not have any objection to even a Nepali Congress-led government,” he argued.

He said the differences on form of governance have been more or less resolved. “An all-party taskforce submitted a proposal that there should be a directly elected president, and a PM elected by the parliament with power sharing between the two. This is the meeting point,” he said.



Published Date: Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 | 01:33 AM

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