PM’s resignation demands dominates 4-party meet

KATHMANDU: Meeting of the lead political parties including the Madheshi Front called for garnering consensus on disputed issues of constitution writing, was dominated by demands for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

During the meeting Congress and UML stressed on the need to prepare draft of the constitution in consensus before May 27 to extend the term of the CA and claimed that the PM should resign for doing so.

Deputy Prime Minister Krishna P Sitauala said that parties agreed on the need to prepare the draft of the new constitution before May 27 and claimed that Congress and UML will support the CA extension only if the PM resigns before May 27.

He claimed that his party was ready to extend the CA term only to promulgate the new constitution, but was not ready if the disputes seen in the constitution writing process were not resolved before May 27.

UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal also said that the CA’s term could be extended if parties resolved all the differences before May 27 and left the promulgation process to do in the extended timeframe.

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