PLA fifth division cantonments vacating

, Dirgha Memorial Brigade was evacuated on Saturday.

Jwar Memorial Brigade is being vacated today and the PLA combatants will be taken to Mangalsen Memorial Brigade.

Member of the Secretariat of the Special Committee for the Supervision, Integration and Rehabilitation of Maoist Combatants, Dipendra Bahadur Shah said the combatants residing in Dirgha Memorial camp have been shifted to Sunil Memorial Brigade.

Shah said all arms and ammunition of the satellite camps will be stored in containers. The Armed Police Force (APF) will be given entire responsibility of taking care of the emptied camps.

A team of the APF has already reached Dahaban for the security of the camps.

Earlier, 250 combatants were residing in Dirgha Memorial Brigade and 358 in Jwarbhata Memorial Brigade.

A total of 1285 combatants from the Fifth Division have opted for integration

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