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Paudel, Baidya, Oli and Morcha logjam Wednesday’s consensus

CHITRA RAJ BHANDARI: The optimism triggered by the utmost senior leaders of three major political parties and Madheshi Front, was thwarted by some interest groups by Thursday evening.

Some one famously said that ‘overnight in politics is sufficient to change the political direction’ and that’s just what happened in our context too.

In the early night hours of Wednesday a joint meeting of Maoist Chair Prachanda, Congress Prez Koirala, UML leader Nepal and Madheshi Front representative Gachhadar had decided to provide the Bhattarai led governemnt a national consensus characteristic.

That ended the longstanding row over forming national consensus government. But that was short lived. As in the nightly hours of the chilling Kathmandu, unsatisfied and power-monger leaders affiiliated to Maoist, Congress and UML brewed up conspiracy to foil the agreement.

As conspired by these forces, which have presently forwarded Congress’s Paudel as their leader, they denied to ink down the agreement demanding that PM Bhattarai should step down, even if he was to be sworn in again. They declined to participate in the present government with Bhattarai still on the chair.

One of the clauses on which the whole of Thursday was devoted is to correct the word ‘dissolution’. In Wednesday’s agreement the parties had agreed to dissolve the present cabinet and start process to form another government in the next second.

Paudel, Gurung and the Baidya faction held separate meetings at the CA hall on Thursday and concluded that they would not participate in the goverment unless PM Bhattarai himself resigned from the post.

“We might again elect Bhattarai as the Prime Minister. But for the time being he should step down. We cannot participate in the present government,” a source claimed NC,UML leaders as proposing to Prachanda in the meeting held in the wee hours of Thursday.

Even though the Maoists proposed that their ministers were ready to resign ensmasse these inter-party faction remained adamant on pulling Bhattarai down, even though for once, to satisfy their ego.

Madheshi Ministers unwilling to resign

Besides them, the Ministers from the Madheshi Front have also created obstacles in forming the national consensus governemnt. Though, Gachhadar had given into the agreement reached on Wednesday, by morning most of the ministers from the Morcha camp denied to resign.

During a meeting of Maoist and Front members at the PM’s residence on Thursday morning, Madheshi ministers in the government ruled out the possibility to support the cause.

They claimed that they were ready to induct NC, UML and other parties but were not ready to resign en masse as proposed by the Maoists.


Presently NC leader Ram Sharan Mahat has informed that the Madheshi leaders have denied to resign from their post en mass as proposed and done by the Maoist ministers. This has further complicated the situation. However discussions are still on.

Published Date: Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 | 04:39 AM

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