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Paddy species rapidly disappearing

Rajbiraj (Sagarmatha): Tasty and odorous rice that is generally served in honor of guests in Terai region on the special occasions has witnessed gradual disappearance.

Various species of special paddy such as Basmati, Chananchur, Kariyakamat, Najir and Kanakjira, which is mostly used in feasts and festivals in Terai have been on the brink of disappearance.

Both landlords and small farmers used to cultivate these special species of paddy to serve warm hospitality to guests in Terai region – which deemed to be the storehouse of grains – till a decade ago.

With the rise in the import of packed rice from foreign countries, farmers do not tend to produce old species rice in Terai, said Sharaqd Chanda Jha, a local of Madhawapur-2, Saptari.

Main reason behind the disappearance of the tasty, hygienic and odorous species of rice is low productivity, said Chairperson of Water Users Committee Haripur-3, Shiva Prasad Chaudhary. RSS

Published Date: Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 | 08:55 AM

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