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NRN Canada approves future plans and Policies in its 9th AGM

TORONTO: NRN Canada held its 9th General Assembly in the City of Montreal on August 6, 2016. Nepalese Ambassador to Canada and Cuba Kali Prasad Pokharel inaugurated the assembly. President of NRN Canada Tulasi Sapkota welcomed the guests. All guests were accommodated in the homes of Nepalese languishing in Montreal. Delegates strongly advocated for Right people at the right place policy.

NRN Canada Advisor Muga Rajbhandari made mockery of the personnel who do nothing but continue occupying the position. Most of the delegates called on the concerned to materialize their respective responsibilities with utmost honesty and said they are available for support if need be on call any time.

President of local organisation Association of Nepalese in Quebec ANQ Yubaraj Bhanadari also spoke on the occasion. Delivering his key note speech, Honorary Consul General of Nepal for Canada Dr. Kunjar Mani Sharma urged all Nepalese to embrace the Montreal Nepalese culture of hospitality. Another Guest speaker NRNA Advisor and Past President of NRN Canada Nawaraj Gurung invited all Nepalese there to actively participate in the upcoming NRN Regional Regional Conference in New Jersey. He spoke on the state of post quake reconstruction work in quake Epicenter village of Laprak in Central Nepal and shed light on Open University policy.

Chief Guest Nepalese Ambassador Kali Prasad Pokharel informed the delegates that once the NRNA members acquire NRN identity cards, they do not necessarily have to take Visa for eight years to stay in Nepal. Pokharel said NRNs have now got the right to acquire or sell the fixed area of land in different parts of the country. He said NRNs can now enjoy several privilege adding NRNs do not have to pay tax for up to 1.5 million rupees they send or bring to Nepal. The Nepalese envoy further stated that such sum would help a lot if NRNs in Canada request lawmakers of their respective areas for development activities. The envoy said the embassy has requested the Manitoba Hydro and other companies to invest in Nepal. Manitoba Hydro is the electric power and natural gas utility in the province of Manitoba, Canada founded in 1961. He was of the view that Nepali language can be internationalized if NRNA works twards this.

At the program , Coordinator, Women and Children Committee of NRN-Canada Women’s Forum Pramila Basnet presented the alarming picture of Uterine prolapse cases in Nepal. Uterine prolapse is a major reproductive health issue in Nepal. For that Basnet said one dollar campaign is already in progress and it has so far collected 1500 dollar. Basnet’s information prompted several delegates and guests to deposit their support to the move in cash. Vice President of NRN Canada and coordinator of Nepali Language,Literature and Publication committee Suren Upreti said extinction of any language describes the ultimate loss of all intellectual property. He further said language is the bridge that transfers the property from one generation to another. Upreti told the programme that his committee is working on introducing Nepali books and syllabus for Nepali language classes all across Canada. He added a committee comprising of 22 Nepalese experts are working on it.

Delegate Madhav Gajurel said villagers felt the presence of NRNs when schools in some villages were provided with Sanitary Aid packages.
NRN Canada general Secretary Suman Lamsal updated on NRN activities and its futue plans. Coordinator of the 9th AGM Deepak Shrestha read out the names and amount of the donors for the successful conclusion of the annual meeting. Representatives of different organisations Gopi Krishna Kafley, Anup Subedi, Bhwai Neupane and others congratulated the leadership for the successful meeting and spoke on the objectives of their respective organisations.

Spokesperson Kismat Bhandari read out the amendment proposals for NRN statute.

The amendment proposal states the following:

NRN President vying for the second term should contest the election from the very grass root.

Separate Post of International Coordinator be cancelled as the ICC members themselves will be coordinating with the International agencies.

General membership fee be increased to 15$.

Provision of having Women and youth Coordinators.

Bhandari also conducted question answer session and read out the Montreal declaration.

NRN Canada President Tulasi Sapkota thanked all well-wishers and organisations for taking the NRN Canada to this height.

He called on media persons to disseminate only the truth based news not any vested ones.

Stating that there is no option left in the foreign land for all the Nepalese to do away with all forms of prejudice and work together in unison.

Gokarna Lamichhaney of Canadakhabar.com had aired the event Live.
The AGM was held in three sessions with Reshma Dahal and Lata Khanal duo conducting the first one while the rest two sessions were conducted by Suman Lamsal. Nepali Artists from Toronto and Montreal came out with their dance items that brought all the participants in the podium.

Published Date: Thursday, August 25th, 2016 | 12:30 AM

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