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NRN America striving to unite nepalese organizations

KATHMANDU:  NRN NCC-USA has stepped up efforts to unite all Nepalese diasporas and emigrants and institutions working for the welfare of these diasporas within the USA for joining its “National Partnership for NRN NCC of USA.

The program  has been launched with a vision to create an authentic and welcoming approach for all the local and national Nepali organizations in which all NRNs will achieve equal opportunity and are a powerful and organized constituency.

Along with that it also aims that the policies and programs to foster at all level and promote high quality of life for all.

As a National NRN advocacy partnership, it aims to harnesses collective power and resources to mobilize hundreds and thousands of NRN for integration and transformative social and economical development of Nepal and Nepali people.

It is also expected to facilitate national and global NRN voices, many that have been previously excluded, to speak on their own behalf and create and implement innovative programs that help national NRNs become active in the Diaspora affairs, and working for a stronger and more inclusive NRN force for a vibrant Nepal.

NRN National Coordination Council Partnership seeks to:

Deepen reach into diverse Nepali communities in all the fifty States,
Drive grassroots campaigns and mobilize constituents to act,

National Partnership Program:

In order to promote common NRN issues and achieve mutual goals and objectives of the program, the NRN NCC of USA, wishes to maintain a co-operative, collaborative and supportive relationship with all Nepali and Nepal-related associations in the USA (hereby called “Institutional Partner” or simply “Partners”) that generally satisfy all of the following requirements:

· Subscribes to the vision and purpose of the Council’s by-laws;
· Is a registered non-profit organization in any State within the USA;
· Recruits Individual Members as described in these bylaws and   annually sends their membership dues to the Council.

The Institutional Partners shall be divided into categories as follows:

(a) To be a Local/Regional Institutional Partner, one must be a Nepali or Nepal-related independent, single organization in the USA; and shall have primarily local/regional memberships and activities;

(b) To be a National Institutional Partner, one must be a Nepali or Nepal-related independent, single organization in the USA; shall have nationwide, broad and inclusive memberships base and activities; and  shall have a minimum of 400 dues paying members; and

(c) Federated institutional partners are federations of several other Nepali associations in the USA.

(d) Each of the Institutional Partners will pay a partnership fee based on their organization’s membership fees.

NRN National Coordination Council is planning to hold a National NRN Conference on National Partnership program 2012 to engage bipartisan experts and organizations to discuss innovative and effective ways to expand and improve integration for NRN on a local and national level.
NRN integration issues impacts everyone in the United States – from those who immigrate to this country. Providing better pathways to integration and the opportunity for immigrants to contribute to their fullest capacities in their jobs, communities, and families, is in the best interest of all NRN.
The conference will be the signature event of the NRN NCC of the USA, Partnership for local organization (the Partnership), and a partnership of coalitions from across the country.  The Partnership’s mission is to advance the integration and active involvement of local organization to achieve a vibrant, just, and welcoming NRN NCC for all.

Published Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 | 08:30 PM

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