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North-East Elections 2018 LIVE: BJP set to win in Tripura and Nagaland, Congress stays ahead in Meghalaya

(The New Indian Express): 

The counting of votes for the assembly election in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura began today amid tight security, officials said.

Counting began at 8 AM in all the three North-Eastern states, Election Commission sources said.

Though the strength of each assembly is 60, voting was held for 59 constituencies in all the three states, for different reasons.

While a CPI(M) candidate died in Tripura, a Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) candidate was killed in Meghalaya, and this resulted in countermanding of the polls in one seat in each of the two states.

In Nagaland, former chief minister Neiphiu Rio won from one seat unopposed.

Tripura went to the polls on February 18 and elections were held in Nagaland and Meghalaya on February 27.


  • Now BJP-alliance leads in 40 Tripura seats, with the Left Front staying at a distant second with a 19-seats lead. In Meghalaya, Congress leading in 23 seats, still eight away of the magic number of 31. NPP are ahead in 14 seats, BJP leading in 7 seats. The independents are ahead in 14 seats. In Nagaland, the NDPP is leading in 32 seats, followed by NPF's 24-seats lead.

  • Senior Congress leaders Ahmed Patel and Kamal Nath left for Shillong this morning to work out possible tie-ups with independents in Meghalaya to form a government there.
  • Now NDTV reports that BJP-led alliance is ahead in 41 seats in Tripura, well set to end Left Front's 25-year-old reign. The ruling party is leading just in 18 seats. In Meghalaya, Congress is still ahead in 28 seats, three short of the magic number of 31. In Nagaland, BJP-led NDPP alliance is ahead in 32 seats, with NPF following them with a 24-seat lead. 

  • As per latest NDTV reports, Congress is leading in 28 seats in Meghalaya, just three short of the majority. NPP is ahead in 14 seats, followed by BJP's 7. In Nagaland, BJP-led NDPP still ahead in 31 seats, with NPF leading in 26 seats.

  • BJP's lead in Tripura goes up to 39 seats, with the ruling Left Front's lead got reduced to 20. In Nagaland too, their NDPP front leads in 30 seats, with NPF just one behind. 

  • As per NDTV reports, BJP-led alliance takes an eleven-seat lead in Tripura. They are ahead in 35 seats, with the ruling Left leading in 24 seats. in Meghalaya, Congress still ahead in 23 seats, followed by NPP (15) and BJP (6). NDPP ahead in 30 seats at Nagaland, with NPF staying at second with leads in 28 seats. 

  • In Meghalaya, as per NDTV reports, Congress till ahead with 21 seats. NPP ahead by 15 seats, followed by BJP with six seats. In Nagaland, NPF ahead in 32 seats, followed by NDPP (24-seat lead).

  • Left breaks the deadlock in Tripura, takes a two-seats lead in Tripura, just one short of the magic number of 31. The BJP-led alliance is at the second with 28 seats. Congress yet to open its account.

  • As per NDTV reports, NPF leading in 31 Nagaland Assembly seats. NDPP behind by six seats, followed by Congress (1) and others (2).

  • In Meghalaya, Congress is just eight short of touching the magic number of 31 in the 59-member state Assembly. NPP and BJP following them with 15 and 5.

  • Its still deadlock in Tripura, with the ruling Left and its main challenger BJP-lead alliance, are leading at 29 seats each. The magic number is 31.

  • In Nagaland, NPF ahead in 28 seats, followed by NDPP's 27.

  • In Meghalaya, Congress leading in 24 seats. NPP and BJP are ahead in eleven and five seats respectively. Others are ahead in 14 seats.

  • In Tripura, Left and BJP-alliance are leading in 29 seats each, with others maintaining a one-seat lead.

  • In Meghalaya, Congress is still ahead in 17 seats, followed by NPP's 10, BJP's 3 and others' 11. In Nagaland, NPF now takes a lead over NDPP with 29 seats. The later is ahead in 23 seats, with others leading in one seat.

  • From Tripura, the latest figures, as reported by the NDTV show that Left Front is leading by 31 seats, followed by BJP-lead alliance's 26. The ruling party has hit the halfway mark. Congress has lost its one-seat lead.

  • In Meghalaya, Congress leads by 15 seats. NPP is still at the second position, with 10 seats. BJP and others are ahead in 3 and 11 seats respectively. In Nagaland, NDPP leads by 22 seats, followed by NPF's 11 and others' 1. Congress yet to open its account.

  • Left now leads in 27 seats in Tripura, followed by BJP-lead alliance's 24. Congress and others are still hanging onto their one-seat leads.

  • Congress leading in two seats in Tripura, with BJP (25) still maintaining a one-seat lead over the ruling Left Front (24).

  • In Meghalaya, Congress ahead by eleven seats, followed by NPP(8) and BJP(2) and others(12). In Nagaland, NDPP is ahead in nine seats, with NPF opening their accounts in four seats.

  • BJP now leading in 26 seats in Tripura, two ahead of the ruling Left. Congress and others are ahead by one seat each.

  • In Meghalaya, Congress and NPP are ahead by eight and seven seats respectively. BJP and others lead in three and nine seats respectively.

  • Left takes the lead again in Tripura, ahead by 24 seats against BJP-led alliance's 22, with Congress and others leading in one seat each.

  • In Meghalaya, NPP now goes ahead in six seats, as opposed to Congress's five. BJP and others are leading in two and eight seats respectively. In Nagaland, NDPP is ahead in nine seats in the first round. NPF and Congress are yet open their accounts yet.

  • As per NDTV reports, BJP now ahead in 20 seats in Tripura. The ruling Left front leads in 18 seats.

  • In Meghalaya, Congress is ahead in four seats, with NPP leading in one seat. In Nagaland, the NDPP is ahead in two seats. 

  • The early trends in Tripura, as per NDTV reports, show a tough fight between the ruling Left Front and the BJP. While Left leads in 12 seats, the BJP-led alliance is ahead in 10 seats, with the Congress party hanging on to one seat only.

  • Counting of votes begins for Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland assembly elections. (ANI)

(This story has not been edited by N24 staff and is The Indian Express auto-generated from a RSS feed.)

Published Date: Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 | 12:45 PM

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