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Nepalese positive attitude left me spellbound: Bonnie Cappuccino

Bonnie Cappuccino is a parent of more than thirteen hundred orphans. The director, Bonnie Cappuccino of Child Heaven International which is currently running  orphanages in Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet and India  was seen in Saree and Cholo recently. The ornaments she was wearing were almost of 1 and half kg  weight and it would definitely take another one hour to clean and wear. Wearing such ornaments is her hobby and she said,” I am wearing  to fulfill my hobby”. Let’s go through the short conversation that we had with her relying on the topic of orphanages and child-love.

How did you join your  relation with Nepal?
More than geography, main attraction is with orphans. Before coming to Nepal I have been conducting orphanage in India. With the support of Kunjan Sharma, who is a lawyer by profession, residing in Canada, we have conducted orphanage for the first time in India. Then, with the support of Indira Rana to whom we have known through  Kunjan Sharma we have opened an orphanage in Nepal too.

How long have you been there in Nepal.
In 1991 we have  opened an orphanage at Ghattaghar  with six children. Now it is operated under Late Padma  Pradhan Child Heaven Trust, since then we have been affiliated to the Social Welfare Council.

What  will the  children grown in this orphanage learn?
As we are Inspired by the ideals and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, we always focused on those attributes propounded by Gandhi  while giving education to our children. They are pure vegetarian. Our center   doesn’t adopt  many children, we only  adopt limited children to whom we provide self –guided education to make them independent.

Till what age the children find shelter in the centers?
There is no age limit for the children getting shelter at the centers, till the completion of grade 12 they reside in the shelter and after it we support for their higher education. We bear their tuition fees, house rent and other expenses by the center.

What criteria is there for admitting children?
We give protection to orphans.  We have set a quota of more than dozen for those who got orphaned by the devastating earthquake  and who are under 5 years old.

How many children are currently there?
There are altogether 84 children. Some are currently having higher education in foreign where as some Are having engineering and medical higher education within a country. Our aim is also to produce skilled manpower for Nepal. We don’t inspire our student to go abroad.

How many center your organization have established till now and where are they?
We have established nine homes (six in India and one in each of the other three countries) and one training center for women in Ghaziabad, near Delhi. They are currently taking care of close to 1,300 children and 300 women, for whom they provide care and vocational training.

How often do you visit at your different centers?
I visit Nepal usually once in three months. I am highly impressed with the Nepali friends.The amiable friends over here, sweet language and the cool environment always attract me here.

Children from which country is better?
Children are of same types all around the globe, all of their nature and behaviors are looking for love and we give it to them.

Do you recognize each an every children?
We have  a big family. Child Heaven acts like a big tree under which shedding  we all are.After they reached the age of marriage and go, but it is also home they remember.

How the organization is running?
Thousands of helping hands from Canada are  assisting us in raising the children. They have faith on me and has been loving the work we are doing. With the help of those helping hands our organization is run. UNESCO and the Government of Canada,  has been appreciated   for the work we have done.

Are there any high level ranking officials who was grown up by in your orphanage?
So far no such results, but we have been  making such several approaches for the future. Raj Kumar Dhakal is currently studying in Denmark getting scholarship. We believe that many of our students will be a doctor, nurse, engineers, efficient administrator  and many more.

Aren’t  there some bad things  too?
We always see only the good  and work for the better. Nepal is indeed beautiful and rich culture, so I come four times a year. We always want the students of this country to be grown up here and work for their country. We are very much satisfied with the love and care given by Nepali People.

Children got affected by the devastating earthquake?
Yes, a lot of  Children are affected. In this case, we are also doing our best to support the affected one. If there are any children who are orphaned by the earthquake we are ready to give them shelter. If they don’t have shelter, we will provide temporary accommodation, if the school are damaged we will assist to make a school. There is great and deep sympathy from the Canadian Public for earthquake victim children.

How you found Nepal after earthquake?
I am much surprised with the Nepali people’s patience, endurance and  courage.I am utterly shocked as they are returning to normal life in spite of that sort of loss.

Published Date: Monday, June 22nd, 2015 | 01:18 AM

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