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Nepal Demands Leadership of King Gyanendra to end the Crisis -By Dirgha Raj Prasai

Since 2006, Nepal is suffering from the traitors’ regime. The sovereignty of Nepal is in danger. The country’s independent and future cannot be secured either by republic or the People’s Republic. King’s Leadership will be the solution of Nepalese crisis. Why would there be a need for a King if Nepal can survive without him? Nepal should not be compared to other nations. Monarchy is Nepal’s alternate power. Nepal does not demand an autocratic royal institution but a pro-people institution. The institution of monarchy is such a force that fights off imperialist force to create a greater Nepal. The King of Nepal never sold the nation, pleaded before foreigners nor killed the people and will never do so. I wouldn’t have said so if I was a citizen of Japan or any other nation, I would have said that the nation will survive without the monarchy, but I am in Nepal. The geographical and class reality of Nepal is such, that the absence of monarchy would mean there will be no Nepal. This nation was created with joint efforts between the people and the King.

The anti-nationalist leaders of Nepal have treaded the path of Indianization constructed under the support and design of the Indian and American intelligence agencies. These treacherous leaders betrayed the king to shatter Nepalese nationality into splinters. In the aftermath the Indian brokers in Maoists, Nepali Congress (NC), UML and Madhesi parties are taking the consequences of their self proclaimed secularism and republic. But, the political leaders reached a consensus with the king to put down the uprising, but it only turned out to be a ruse to deceive the king and the people. What kind of treachery? Had the leaders adhered to the understanding reached with the king on 24, April 2006 the nation would not have had to go through such destruction. However, the leaders supported financially and under guidance of India, America and the European nations declared secularism, republic and ethnic federalism in Nepal for Christianity and Free Tibet slogan. They have chosen to disintegrate the nation.

In 2001, NC handed over the government to King Gyanendra. The party had to submit their government to the king in accordance with the 1990 constitution due to internal power-tussle between Girija and Sher Bahadur. It is mentioned in article 35 of the 1990 constitution- ‘Nepal’s executive authority will lie with the king and the cabinet.’ According to the constitution, the Ministry of Sher Bahadur Deuwa, the king handed the power back to the arrogant leaders of the political parties as per the 2006 agreement for peace and stability in the country. Later they came under foreign influence and betrayed the king to establish the secularism and republic setup. In such situation the king solemnly sacrificed his royal duties.

Had the king decided to show his power and suppress the agitating parties they would not have stood a chance. King Gyanendra knew well the source from where leaders like Girija, Madhav and the Maoists were being manipulated. The king sacrificed his throne thinking that such treacherous leaders could not possibly achieve anything under the guidance of India and America. The king was not willing to become a foreign puppet, and save the royal institution by killing the people participating in the uprising of the political leaders. He sacrificed the palace thinking that the people will one day decide the truth.

The king already knew that India, America and the western countries were spending billions to implement the Free Tibet policy to disintegrate China. He knew the grand plan to declare Nepal secular and proclaim the country a republic. He also knew that secularism was a ruse to turn Nepal into a Christian state which would subsequently destroy Nepal’s Hindu and Buddhist identity. The amount invested by the western nations is being revealed. In such a dangerous situation the king had no other alternative than to leave his throne. It would be intelligent to back off and not confront criminals.

In Satyayug (the period of first human civilization according to Hindu religion) God Krishna had to incarnate into a Bahararup-(as a form of pig) and hided for the welfare to all mankind. King Gyanendra knew the American concern to use Nepal as a base to implement Free Tibet policy and disintegrate China. With this sense the King had removed the Dalai Lama office in Nepal, and then may be the Americans antagonized. The political party leaders failed to understand such a scenario. But, they went on having foreigners’ agendas. Nepalese people are forced to face the consequences.

Now the situation has changed. The Nepalese people, tired of the acts of treason committed by the politicians, are raising unified voice from villages to cities in support of the royal institution. ‘Come the King and Save the Nation,’ is a voice of Nepalese people. Now, it’s time for King Gyanendra to speak. The Nepalese people rush towards him wherever he shows up and pour their grievances. King Gyanendra is sad to note all this. He is now compelled to speak the truth. King Gyanendra is not simply a king but represents patriotism.

In fact the political leaders and the advisors created complex to the king regarding Democracy and dictatorship. How can you call a king, who revives the parliament as aspired by the people, and hand over his power through election, non-democratic? However, the king did not want to get involved in a bloody politics and handed over the government. Now the king is frustrated and wants to speak. King Gyanendra has stated his opinion- ‘one must always be mindful that the bravery and sense of national pride of our ancestors’, has enabled this beautiful nation to remain independent and sovereign. The time has come for us to ensure that this great legacy remains intact and the country’s existence is in no way jeopardized. Let’s also not forget that only a democratic statue that reflects our values and national ethos can truly safeguard the interest of the Nepalese people.’ In fact, the party leaders-Maoist, NC, UML, Madhesis can’t format the new constitution, So, the 1990 constitution should be restored to end the Nepalese crisis and the King Gyanendra’s leadership will be the solution for safe landing.

Published Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 | 10:10 AM

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