NC’s Deuba faction hits out at leadership for CA dissolution

KATHMANDU: The Sher Bahadur Deuba led faction of the Nepali Congress has concluded that the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly was made possible due to the incapable leadership of Nepali Congress.

The faction claimed that their party leadership had failed to counter the conspiracies of the UCPN Maoists and had ultimately let the CA dissolved.

The meeting further concluded that the Maoists had succeeded in the dissolving the CA as it was not promising a constitution meeting their aspirations during a meeting held at Deuba’s residence.

Deuba faction has been at odds with party leadership over a the dissolution of party’s sister organization and has not participated in the party’s Central Committee meetings even though the CA dissolved.

However brushing aside their faction’s non-cooperation in countering the ‘Maoist’s conspiracies’, the faction shifted the whole credit of assisting in dissolving the CA to lack of coordination and convincing in party president Sushil Koirala.

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