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Our movement will continue untill Nepal is declared as Hindu nation : Khum Bahadur Khadka

After the 16-point agreement between major political parties the preliminary draft of the constitution was endorsed and now it’s on the way to know about the people’s opinion. However, there is a great conflict among the leaders of the 4 major parties. Among them the issue raised by the coordinator of Sanatan Hindu State Establishment Great Campaign and Nepali Congress leader Khum Bahadur Khadka is different. Dissatisfied with the declaration of Nepal as a secular state by the Interim Constitution of 2063 Khadka has set the goal since then to for the restoration of Sanatan Hindu state with religious freedom. Relying on the above mentioned goal set by him we had a conversation, let’s go through the major part of the conversation.

Question: Don’t you feel that you are on the back track after the submission of a memorandum to the Constituent Assembly Chairman regarding the demand of declaration of Sanatan Hindu state with religious freedom?
Answer: How could it be? Interim constitution cannot be wrong? There may be chances of wrong on parties’ agreements too. It’s our freedom and for its we have submitted memorandum to Subas Nembang. He told us that the constitution writing is on a process and will consider it while taking draft to the public for their response. He assured us that matter will be on the discussion in a committee after it gets responded by the people. We have a positive answer and we hope that Nepal will be again restored as the only Hindu State in the world.

Question: You are campaigning so strongly and consolidate upon the issue raised. You have also submitted memorandum to PM Sushil Koirala, haven’t you?
Answer: Prime Minster has told that we won’t leave the issue as 85% of us are Hindu. Likewise, he also said that Nepali Congress won’t quit pluralism, but has quitted both. That caused a crisis on believing on leaders words. That’s why we have submitted a memorandum to the chairman of constituent assembly.
If they did not listen, and if the party leaders didn’t listen to our raised issues we will definitely continue our program more strictly. Until now we are adopting peaceful programs. We will definitely make our country Nepal as Sanatan Hindu nation. I will like to humbly urge everyone in this movement.

Question: As the process for taking people’s feedback to the first integrated draft of the new constitution has already started, how could you demand hunk on process?
Answer: Until now we have urged them and submitted the memorandum. It’s our request and template. If they don’t make the correction on the raised issue the upcoming constitution won’t be acceptable and won’t go further. A big conflict will be raised, so we have been requesting them to think about it beforehand. Incorporating race, cast and religion new constitution should be written so that everyone will accept it after it gets promulgated.If the new constitution is admitted by everyone, then it does have importance. It is not good if it’s protected by a certain class and any political party too. Madeshi Parties dissatisfaction is already observed on the surface. So gatherings of forceful majority for promulgating a new constitution by the four major parties won’t have a positive impact and it won’t create a durable and acceptable constitution.

Question: From where the issue of religion raised up at this moment? What would be different if a secular state is mentioned?
Answer: It’s like this, first of all, the word secularism is wrong. Our western countries which have already reached the moon and mars, wherever they have reached they also need religion. But we Nepali who have been believing in Sanatan religion since the beginning are forced to not follow. We have our own original culture, tradition and rituals. Others have their own kind of culture. Rai, Limbu has their own culture, Madeshi have their own culture and Chettri Brahmin have their own culture. Therefore, for the protection of our culture, tradition and rituals, we are asking for Hindu Nation. Secular means nothing, it means zero. Hence it doesn’t have any meaning and hence such word doesn’t exist. Western countries are coming here to teach us a lesson and they are flourishing Christianity. They need to establish secularism in their country first and then it will be suitable to teach a lesson for us. Now we are in development phase. We plan for Nepal in 2022 in developing countries We have been adopting Sanatan religion from the very beginning, only after the Sanatan religion the Muslim and Christian religion were formed. Erasing our old religion, it is trying to flourish the Christianity in our nation which is totally wrong attempt. Taking advantage of our ignorance and our poverty, the westerner is trying to devastating us creating conflict among us. Therefore, we all Nepalese must understand our culture, tradition and system. So we need the Sanatan Hindu nation. We have demanded that it must be.

Question: Are you in favor of building coalition among the other parties who are also raising the issue of Hindu Nation?

Answer: For Hinduism we are ready to collaborate with everyone. We won’t make any remarks or objection regarding the federalism. The madeshi leaders have been raising voice that if naming and the demarcation of federal state is done while promulgating constituent it won’t create any problems latter on. So such consideration should be addressed accordingly. It would be wise to move forward addressing ahead of time. since acceptance of constitution by everyone should be preserved.

Published Date: Saturday, July 18th, 2015 | 07:58 PM

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