MoHA declares 127 Nepalis martyrs after People’s Movement II

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Home Affairs has made public a list of 127 people who were declared martyrs following the Second People’s Movement.

The martyrs have been classified into several categories such as ‘martyr’, ‘student martyr’, ‘civil servant martyr’, among others.

According to the list, Devi Lal Paudel of Syngja, who died during the movement, was the first to be declared martyr by the government after the historic movement. Similarly, Supreme Court Justice Rana Bahadur Bam, who was gunned down by identified persons in May 2012, is the last person on the list. The government has been giving Martyr status to all the persons who were died for different causes following protest and strikes from different groups. The government has also formed a task force to determine the definition of martyr.

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