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For Major Political Parties Federalism Is Like Regret Of Killing Mongoose: Chitra Bahadur KC

Parties recite the mere slogan of democracy that with their great struggle the long history of monarchy has been sidelined and they have handed the regime to the people. While reciting the slogan of democracy they argued that the unitary system of government is being obstacles for the development and presenting few countries example they are making us to dream the country as heaven with federalism. However, the Chairman of Rashtriya Jana Morcha Nepal has been objecting since very beginning that for Nepal federalism is not suitable and it doesn’t give benefit from any angle. It has been notices that KC’s party main feature is anti federalism. The context of internalized his agenda may differ individually. 

First Constituent Assembly ended up in a fiasco as political parties couldn’t forge consensus on the disputed issues of federalism. The present CA has also been marred by the same knot of federalism, due to the dispute in demarcation of federal provinces the nation is currently having chaotic situation. Again, there seemed an utter confusion that whether the present CA will promulgate the federal constitution or not. What could he tell regarding himself being firmness towards agenda of federalism as it is approaching towards that path what he has predicted along before? We would like to recall the interview with KC which revolves around the same context .

Question: Leaving the discussion to continue on contentious issues until the final draft the parties has decided to launch the first draft , will the new constitution promulgate in Magh 8th ?
Answer: Getting new constitution in Magh 8th is totally impossible. If the parties are honest towards the promise they have given to people they could deliver the first draft within the Magh 8th, but it couldn’t be believe to. To have a constitution in Magh 8th the people should have already got the first draft and should have discussion going on in tea shop, public water taps and in various junction. Till now we haven’t seen the draft in the hand of three brass leader how could we imagine that the constitution will be promulgated in Magh 8th. Regarding the discussion on the contentious issue is considered, the major party leaders are in the initial phase of discussion whether to go for the federalism or not. While the discussion is going on they have realized that nation won’t only develop if there is federal system and Nepal is not able to bear the burden of federal system. The leader should have discuss regarding it before the decision for adoption of federalism.

Question: You have been stitched on the saying that “federalism is not needed and to fragmentation of nation is prohibited” , how much are you consolidated on your agenda these days?
Answer: Due to federalism we haven’t got constitution. We have noticed ethnic harmony is deteriorating, regional harmony is deteriorating, hostility has been risen up between Madhesi and Pahadi. Based on these the external forces are trying to built their arena over here. Now, as an undeclared way the whole nation is opposing federalism. Why should we leave our agenda? We are more firmed toward our agendas.
Question: It is claimed by the leaders that the federalism is one of the major achievement of 62/63 movement.
Answer: Who can say that? I am the one in the frontline of 62/63 movement. I was the one who got struck by the bamboo stick and taken to Model Hospital in the unconscious state. I know what the agenda was and what wasn’t there. Should talk the outlandish one? Yes it is true that the movement was also supported by the Maoists. It is wrong to say that only we were involved in moment 62/63 and we are the one to brought Republic. After throwing weapons and making 12 point agreement in Delhi and in involvement of people and unite of major political parties the country has turned to Republic. However, federalism was the issue of movement. What is it clear is that there are several force which are in favor of federalism are not supported by external force and there are some who are like in the state of regret of killing mongoose. Regarding the adoption of federalism previously they say yes on their yes and now it’s like a bone stuck in the throat. Previously they confirmed the one who have bear the weight of the federalism and now to implement it has become like a war.

Question: When there come a topic of federalism, you always comment that federalism is not suitable to nation. Will you elaborate and make clear to all why it is not suitable to Nepal?
Answer: Federalism is also one system. About 40 percent of the world’s people are included in a federal system. Around 200 total countries in the world 173 of them have the Unitary system where as 28 countries have a federal system. Those countries which were scattered and there was need of unification and which have been liberated from colonial in such situation there is benefit from federalism system . Today’s existence of America is because of the benefit of the federalism. Today, for countries like United States, Germany, Australia federalism is mandatory. They must adopt the federaal system.
There are several countries which would have been better if they haven’t gone for federal system; there are many countries which were disintegrated because of federalism system. Because of federalism Russia got scattered into 15 different nations. Sudan also got fragmented; Somalia is turned as failed state. In Nigeria, there are two hundred and 50 people ethnic group where previously there were 3 ethnic states but now it has increased to 36. Still Bokoharam is creating them unrest.
For the adoption of federalism system there should be suitability of economic, social and geographical condition, as Nepal is small all these consideration can’t be fulfilled. The harmony that has been here between all the languages, religions and ethnic group could have been extinct because of federalism. On the other hand, as Nepal being economically deprived couldn’t still have made one parliament building in the center how could it bear the burden of minister, lawmakers and other local state bodies under the federal government? We still have to depend on the foreigner for almost 60/70 percentage of the total financial expenses of current single parliament. Five-six million of our citizens are forced to go abroad for employments, so increasing much financial burden does we mean to declare only leader should stay in nation? So relying on our economical situation we could say federal system is not suitable too.
Politically also it is not suitable for federal system adoption for our nation. After adopting the federalism we should have fragment the sovereignty too. The province’s sovereignty might invite the crisis in our country’s existence, so the federalism is not suitable to our nation. If we go through social point of view also it is unsuitable, as we have altogether 126 ethnic groups and 122 different languages where one-two groups are raising their voice for ethnic state. If the state is declared according to 5/6 ethnic group other gets united against them. As a result either authoritarian stand will be adopted by them or they will ignore which is also quite impossible. That’s why the federalism that Nepal going to adopt is not of that type which is in America and in Australia. Demanded federalism here is for the power of choice and power of separation, so some are trying to separate nation in the name of federalism. If it is not true how dare they could demand for minimum one and maximum two state in the Madesh where total 51% of total population resides and 13 state in mountain and Himalayan region where 49% of population resides. So we could estimate where the nation could be with such opinion. So federal system is not productive in any context of Nepal. Yes, the corrupt ruler of unitary system has exploited and suppressed some ethical group but adopting federalism for their compensation considering the ethical consideration the nation will deteriorate more than ten time as that of today. So federalism in Nepal gives no more benefits.

Question: You belong to the small party in the Constitutional Assembly is saying that the country cannot be federalize , could you please tell us whether the country will be federalize or not as the other parties in the CA are standing for it?
Answer: Now altogether will pull the country forcefully to a federal system, but after all people have a better understanding about federalism if the country remains then people will pulled off the federal system. On this belief I still request the leader of major parties on the behalf of Nepali people to roll back this agenda to make the people happy rather to stitch on it to make the foreigner happy

Question: You have been telling that the federal system will be sweep away as Panchayat system, but people have voted to those parties which are in favor of federalism. How could you prove your statement?
Answer: We do have some weakness on it that we still couldn’t clear the illusion on people that the federal system will develop the nation rapidly. This confusion is still there in people. However, in the second Constituent Assembly election people choose those parties which are for federal system. Verdict of the people through election is clear that if you are going for federalism please don’t go according to ethnic and regional basis, people has allowed the parties for federal set up according to the geographical basis. Now if we talk about the people’s vote we know that they have voted for the racist political parties, even more people have also given majority of vote to Panchayat too. However, people are the creator of history. So until people are not cleared about it they will follow them and will dismiss this system when they get clear about it.

Question: As that of federalism another complex issue is secularism, what is your opinion regarding it? Will Hindu nation gets restored?
Answer: I believe in the communist ideals and don’t follow any religion. I believe that any nation shouldn’t have its any race and religion. So people should have their rights to follow any religion they wish too. We have been demanding that country should be secular since 2006 BS with the establishment of communist party in Nepal. These days I have heard that they is demand of Hindu nation as the identity of nation. Is it time to go for the economic development and invite foreigner to work for us or to stay idle with the demand of Hindu nation. I don’t think that the Hindu nation will restored here. Those who indulge in politics they do have different agendas. I take it as the merchant who decide which stuff will go better in which season and maintain stock accordingly. The politicians also have different slogans and agendas in different time. Even the one who treats themselves as communist is carrying the ethnical slogan what could we say for the other.

Question: People have started to say that it is useless to vote for small political parties as the major three political parties can do what they wish to. What have you say on it?
Answer: It is undemocratic behavior of political leaders. People shouldn’t vote them, voting them means making them more autocrats. Another things, in last constitution assembly there was one committee so called High level political mechanism which did nothing rather than to cultivate falsehood. Now also they are repeating such undemocratic behaviors. They are going to resort in the name of building agreements and increasing the financial burden of the state instead of discussing in CA along with everyone. If these sorts of mechanism have given outlet to the nation major issue we wouldn’t have objected it, neither did it. Every party’s agenda should be evaluated and should bring into discussion.
Question: It has been hearing that If the constitution is not promulgated in Magh 8th the sky won’t fell down, adding few months also the constitution should be promulgated. In which direction the country politics will go if the constitution is not promulgated in Magh 8th?
Answer: Its universal truth that the sky won’t fell down, no one should remark like this way. Those who comment like this way they seem to be less responsive towards the promise they have made with the people. Instead of extending the date frequently and making it the joke, the solution should be sorted entering into the procedure that CA has already built up. What they are doing is just to bargain with each other, people aren’t in mood to watch this play. Therefore the constitution should be promulgated. If the constitution is not promulgated with the scheduled time then onwards none of the political parties can play in the people’s head. The major parties should be responsible for all the possible issues that may reproduce because of delay in promulgation of constitution.

Question: Some even say the constitution is likely to be issued in consensus; are there any possibilities to resolve the contentious issues in consensus?
Answer: I don’t see any consensus likely to be building on disputed issues, if it could why don’t it happened within 4 years 9 months? Consensus is impossible till positive brains germinate on them.

Question: What is your opinion regarding the current government?
Answer: We have also supported this government. But it couldn’t work in favor of people, the price of the basic good for living have been increasing tremendously, government lacking in establishing law and order accordingly. Let’s not be negative towards the government as its main task is to draft the constitution. We still continue our support to this government.

Question: Congress and UML has started to say that they will go through the process If the consensus couldn’t established where as the Maoist has started to threaten to rebel if done so. Whom do you support?
Answer: We have been repeatedly saying that the process should be followed, so far as a threat is considered there is no need of approval certificate for rebel. If they wish they can go through that way, people have clear taste flavors of their rebel through Maoist insurgency. So it’s not time for boasting and threatening to each other rather than to create the current political outlet by promulgating new constitution.

Published Date: Monday, August 31st, 2015 | 09:51 PM

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