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Lower House against the DV lottery system

The Lower House of American Congress ‘House of Representative’, dominated by the conservative Republicans, has voted in favor of STEM bill, a bill proposing to scrap the existing Diversity Visa Lottery commonly known as Green Card Lottery system.
2 hundred 45 Republican Congressmen, who have been adopting hardliner  policies of immigrants, stood in favor of eliminating the program of DV lottery. However, 1 hundred 39 Democrat Congressmen have stood against elimination of the DV lottery system claiming that such termination of program abruptly could jeopardize the broder immigration reform policy. Terminating the green card policy, Republicans have instead proposed for offering green cards accessible to foreign students graduating with advanced science and math degrees in US universities. Though the Lower House endorsed the bill to put a cap on the DV lottery in the backing of Republican Congressmen, it needs an approval of the Upper House- Senate- for being executed as a law.Given to the fact that the 100-member Senate is under the control of majority Democrats, the chance of bill getting approved is slim, if not nil.

Each year nearly 55 thousands of immigrants from various countries of the world are provided permanent residency visa or Green Card since after 1995 according to the Immigration Law of 1990. Various statistics show that more than 30 thousands of Nepali peoples are residing in America after 2002 by accessing green card.

The recent voting upon the bill to eliminate the Green Card system is a prelude to the battle between the Republicans and Democrats over the Immigrant policies that holds opposing stands on many issues of the immigrants of the US, a large constituent of the US. The bill that came as a test time for the Democrat President Barrack Obama, whose major agenda of his election for second term bid for presidency, has signaled the battle between the Democrat and Republican ahead on various immigrant policies along with his own comprehensive immigrant reform plan.

Giving a legal status to 1.7 million illegal immigrants staying in the US has become a bone of contention between the Democrat and Republican. Democrats are pushing for the large immigration overhaul, according to the comprehensive reform plan. However, Republicans are standing firmly against the Democrat’s immigration policy. They consider the endorsement of bill on Friday on eliminating the Green Card system as an important victory towards an uphill battle with Democrat on Immigrant issues.

Published Date: Saturday, December 1st, 2012 | 10:10 AM

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