Khumbuwan calls for action against extortionist

KHOTANG, March 29: The Khumbuwan Rastriya Morcha has urged the administration and police to take action against those involved in asking donations in the name of their party by identifying the persons or groups.

Issuing a press statement on Wednesday, Morcha urged to take action saying that extortion from general public forcefully is on rise in the name of their party.

The press statement signed by District Chairman of the Morcha, Purna Kumar Rai (PK Rai) requested for support saying that the party has been defamed by asking donations.

The Morcha also requested not to take action against innocent and honest cadres of the party without identifying the real criminals.

The press release stated that Morcha will ask for support from the VDC Secretary Welfare Center, officials, teachers, businessmen, general public, among others officially for achieving a province on the basis of identity.

The Morcha also requested to inform the party if such extortions are found. RSS

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