Justin Bieber Tweets About ‘Honest’ New Songs — About Selena Gomez?

Justin’s acoustic version of ‘Believe’ will be in stores in just 13 days, on Jan. 29, and Justin wants us to know that his three new songs will be very ‘honest’ — and most likely about his split with Selena Gomez!
Will they be nice or nasty? Justin Bieber, 18, is either trying to win back Selena Gomez, 20, or may completely ostracize her after his acoustic album with three new songs is released. On Jan. 9, his camp announced that one of his new songs, “Nothing Like Us” is about “young love” and Justin wrote it about his personal experiences.

Justin tweeted on Jan. 16, “It’s honest #13DAYS”.

Justin has previously tweeted a lot about the acoustic album. On Jan. 9, he said, “Excited for #20Days from now when my acoustic album will let u know how I feel about what is going on in my life instead of rumors guessing. Put it in the music. Guess all u want I speak for myself. #20Days.”

Justin’s New Songs Are About Selena
Justin’s camp has previously confirmed that “Nothing Like Us” will “give fans an unprecedented and intimate glimpse of young love.”

Another new song on the album called ”Yellow Raincoat” seems to be about Selena as well, since she was spotted wearing a yellow poncho on a trip to Universal Studios.

ull Track List On ‘Believe Acoustic’
1. Boyfriend (Acoustic Version)

2. As Long As You Love Me (Acoustic Version)

3. Beauty And A Beat (Acoustic Version)

4. She Don’t Like The Lights (Acoustic Version)

5. Take You (Acoustic Version)

6. Be Alright (Acoustic Version)

7. All Around The World (Acoustic Version)

8. Track 8 (Acoustic Version)

9. I Would – NEW

10. Yellow Raincoat – NEW

11. Nothing Like Us – NEW

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