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January Rain!

By Sanzu Adhikari

Many people find this January rain
As days of freezing wound & pain
But I am gazing out of my windows
Finding self in raindrops & wet meadows!

Sarcastic cold cutting my arctic thermosphere
Heavenly Surf in numb board as nothing to care
Every breathe vapors sings U are missing me too
All smears of life vanish in a moment I sense u.

As rays of your love peek from cozy mist
Touching my sketch but reaching to gest
Love lights be reflected, refracted & dispersed
My brilliance shined bcoz U symmetrically kissed

Your passion glimmer transmuting ice to gem
Surrendering self for the thirst that runs in veins
How a distance separates us, how will it defuse?
I feel you in every breathe; have you in all muse!

All warm memories blushes me in rosy vests
This esoteric fire fuels us to create own gests
Deep Desire to hold each-other keeps us flourishing
Oh my Raindrop! You’re my ultimate soul – searching!!

(Author Sanzu Adhikari is freelancer writer and poet associate with different organization)

Published Date: Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 | 07:08 PM

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