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Is Nepal’s tourism hub Thamel integrating into China Town?

Nepalese itself can’t run the restaurants like Chinese people does. Chinese owner of the hotels are providing the rooms in a very little amount for that Chinese travelers prefer to stay in Chinese hotels rather than other hotels.

By Phurpa Sherpa, KATHMANDU: In the Capital city of Kathmandu over Thamel area constantly Chinese business has been rising up according to the demands of the market, has also seen an unprecedented rise in the number of Chinese hotels, restaurants, Jewelry, Cargo, Rudraksha (Rudra’s Tear Drops) that would cater to the visiting Chinese in the area. With this the number of Chinese people visiting Nepal has also gone up in the recent times.

Hotels, restaurants, money exchange, retail shops of varieties and numerous of Chinese languages had been used in Chinese for addressing Chinese visitors. As Chinese people are considered less knowledgeable in English, the Thamel-based tourism, hotel and other entrepreneurs have felt a need to use Chinese language and words to attract the more visitors.

According to Gurung, owner of Handicraft shops who had been running his business more than 51 years, said that as many Chinese have made investment in hotel and restaurants in Thamel after the growth in the number of Chinese visitors in the country. Chinese customers want to deal and buy things from Chinese owner has flourished tourism and hospitality business in Thamel. It is often said that the Chinese visitors in Nepal are the ones who spend more money than the travelers of other countries. This is the main reason that hotels, restaurants and other outlets have enhance the menus to the needs of Chinese visitors.

According to Robin Shrestha, staff of one of the hotel situated at Thamel, almost 55 restaurants are being run by Chinese where only Chinese nationals are permitted. Chinese are doing great by investing their money in the hotel business, Jewelry shops. Nepalese are less effective incomparison to Chinese in running restaurants and business. Chinese owner of those hotels are providing the rooms in a very low-cost for that Chinese travelers prefer to stay in Chinese hotels rather than other hotels. Around 90% of hotels have been run by Chinese. According to Mohammed, owner of one of the Jewelry shop said, “Chinese were my regular customer rather than France and Germans but later my business got downturn by the Chinese business”. Chinese networking locals business are the reason behind losing regular purchaser. As per him, Chinese visitors prefer to purchase products of Chinese owner because of that he have to give huge amount of discount.

Chinese business has flourished rapidly in Thamel which led increment to the number of Chinese traveler in compare to others. Chinese business has made a propecular space in many cities in Asia, Europe and America.

With this growth in the number of Chinese hotels, restaurants, Jewelry other business outlets have special needs to address the Chinese visitors. The day will come when Thamel may see the full of Chinese business. By seeing Chinese achievements in the business fields Nepalese people should start their own business in the area.

Published Date: Monday, November 18th, 2019 | 11:23 AM

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