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Inspiring Trip with my tough BOSS!!

By Sanju Adhikari
My perception of tough boss changed totally to highly passionate hard working business icon. We, been in the 23-24 young age have high level of energy & concentration power but working for continuous 9 hours shatters us completely. But the farsighted business icon can work with no limit for his passion for success and economic growth.

It was unnerving winter days in initial days of career. Been in hospitality sector, a jumbo team was fortified with the sold human capital base of Engineers, Architects, interior decorator, experienced construction team, Finance team, Operation team and Sales & Marketing. I was one of the youngest finance managers in a team who just started to look after financial closure and asset management. Even though the corporate office was set in the plain geographical area (Terai Province), most of the projects were in the beautiful hills. So for the strategic review of the project, all our team headed towards the site for some kind of evaluation trip.

It was first outstation trip with the senior management & I was little bit awkward at the beginning. Budget discussion, concluding financial model and operation plans were in the list and way forward was to be decided. After 30 minutes flight, we reached the hills where the regional office was well established which was quite astonishing for the first visitors like me. After few minutes of recess, team moved towards a project site for construction progress review. With designs and layouts in hand, the imaginations were quite mist in the mind.

At around 1 pm, Managing Director of the Group reached the spot with entire operation management team. It was my first time I met him and I had only the impressions set from the media (from TV, news etc.). Been in such high position and managing one of the biggest business house of country, I assumed him to be very tough, result oriented personality and a fearless leader.
As informed by his office, he visited for project review after 4 hours of drive & attending various meeting related to other business conglomerates so we all imagined him being exhausted. Even without taking break for a while, he took out all his old notes of related projects and started discussion over budget variation, design changes & technical changes. Technical team and finance team were all busy in briefing a scenario where he noted down all key pointes & asked queries in depth. Placing the drawings, construction PERT chart and operation modules in the roughly fit board, he reviewed each & every tiny issues of the projects. It was amazing how much he was insightful about all the materials used, interior, entrance, bathrooms, height of rooms, quality of light effects, furniture selection, cutleries etc. for magnificent look & feel in the presidential suite, individual villas in soothing pastel tones, dining halls, meditation center, conference halls, grounds, ponds etc etc….I was surprised how clearly he was visualizing the project development and how deeply he was comparing the changes made. After few hours of walk in inner-outer circle of the project site, we jotted down key points with the big question in our mind that how can a person owning/managing hundreds of business verticals can remember & correlate all the factors of project to envisage the running project at its best. Being finance manager, we were focused on IRR and way forward; the beauty of the ambiances was splashing all our attention for the stunning rivers, dark forests, green plots and blue skies. Wrapping up the site visit, MD moved with operation team to nearby areas to identify possibilities to add possible colorful feathers in the hat of that hospitality dream… may be some village tourism, may be some possible sports events, and may be some other tourism attraction ideas trending these days…Then enjoying free time, I felt the exquisiteness of the sunset in river and the calmness everywhere around.

Returning to the Regional office, our team concluded all our tasks, enjoyed the drinks and slumbered. Next day after the breakfast, I jogged around the industrial area where I can feel the simultaneous acceleration of industrial growth and nature. Marvelous lotus pond, green golf course, strong standing trees and the relaxing breeze seized all my heart & soul. The tall standing trees were reflecting the vision, maturity and success history of the business while the green grassy tuff was shining for the continuous growth and everyday thirst for the sprouts.

At around 10 am, met our MD who returned from the golf play & visiting the area for review of ongoing construction/restructuring works in progress. Then the board meeting ran for around 8-10 hours whole day where he reviewed MIS of around 10-15 companies. It was quite astounding to see how one person can organize all the individual files for notes of distinct business section. At the age of 58-59, how he remembers each and every critical points, previous issues and how he guides with clear analytical flags.

After closing the meeting session, everybody was invited to the bonfire. MD personally insisted everyone to forget busy day stresses of the board meeting and enjoy that evening. He was very much active and talking to everyone in the loop of fire. We were touched by his gesture to breathe the life in peaceful mind. Cold evening got the new delight as every person enjoyed the moment with warm flare, favorite drinks, singing songs and candy talks. Everything wrapped up in very good note & happy face. After all each employee is a member of organization family and the bond we shared was more than job specific contractual partnership. We found our MD as brilliant leader who give high value to each human capital and inspire each one of us by his vision, passion, hard work, humanity and spirituality.

My perception of tough boss changed totally to highly passionate hard working business icon. We, been in the 23-24 young age have high level of energy & concentration power but working for continuous 9 hours shatters us completely. But the farsighted business icon can work with no limit for his passion for success and economic growth. Self-motivated entrepreneur can put his heart & soul for his work while most of us ( young generation) are bumpily distracted by various sockets of our look, grades, figures, skin tone, celebrity lifestyle, gossip around, movies making 100 crores, national-international politics, corporate politics, family, friends, crushes, social issues, next road trips etc etc………..But the focused industrialist is madly concentrated for the solid asset base & intensifying growth of his business tagging the economic growth in bigger scale as well…Truly Legends are born with exceptional potentials and not to be made by external effects…It’s the fire inside what luminosities the person !! Outer flames can only provide the extra heat needed….. !

(Author Ms. Sanju Adhikari is a Chartered Accountant holding more than 10 years of experience in various corporate sectors like manufacturing,real estate, hydro power , constructions and financial services etc . She is a financial consultant, author and poet at present days.)

Published Date: Sunday, January 19th, 2020 | 09:17 AM

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