Indians dams too bothering Nepalese

NEPALGUNJ: More than half a dozen VDCs are hit by floods in Rapti river area of Banke district each year as the annual flow of Rapti river is blocked due to the 22 km long Laxmanpur Dam and the embankment built by India in Indian territory against international laws at Nepal-India border in Banke district.

There is a danger of inundation in VDCs including Holiya, Matehiya, Gangapur, Fattepur, Betahani along Rapti river from the embankment.

Although the Janata Embankment Office has started efforts for laying bamboo porcupine in the Holiya VDC area to protect from inundation from the dam, technicians says it is not a lasting solution.

They said that concrete structure should be built in 15 kms in both sides of the river for long term flood and inundation control.

Annually, more than 3,500 bighas of land is inundated in the VDCs and some 10,000 people are affected from the afflux bond and Laxmanpur barrage built by India. RSS

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