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In a first, US bracing for a woman or a tycoon in White House up next

Purushottam Dhakal, LOS ANGELES: Stage is being set for electoral contest to elect a new US president on November 8 with the Republican party fielding Donald Trump while the Democratic partyhas nominated Hillary Clinton, celebrity spouse of celebrated former President, Bill Clinton.

The Democratic party convention in Philadelphia as the epicenter of everything that counts as action, drama and political hype, with Bill coming up with rousing speech identifying himself with Hillary someone who he identified as a woman of courage.

In his turn Trump had sealed his bid with thumping performance in the party convention held in Ohio a week ago. With that Trump had paved a way for serious bid at US presidency despite strong criticism from liberal minded media.

Trump, a billionaire, has come out successful in turning politics on its head and leading the show so far. He has rallied the support by coming up with choicest phrases to put forth his views while commenting on Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration and how the Americans have lost jobs overseas.

Someone who was long booed by conservative press Trump had never enjoyed fair coverage with every TV show across the continent finding fault with him. So much so even liberal press did not entertain him in any good light. But a billionaire never cared about it but simply demonstrated tougher side to sail through.
He clinched the initiative when he inspired growing numbers of party delegates at the Cleveland convention of the party in what was a support coming from across the country. This is a huge comeback for man who has been ridiculed for presidency in the US not only on previous occasions but also in the run up to the 2016 election. His state of New York worked to his benefit with nearly all the delegates backing him amid clashes between police and rival candidate’s delegates outside the venue.

Meanwhile Trump has been speaking against immigration without any curbs on nations that are known for terrorist activism, Clinton is known to open to immigration based on certain criteria that guides emigration to the US.
Trump is expected top deport nearly 11 m illegal immigrants in the US should he be elected the next president while Clinton favors regularizing them by laying down certain criteria for them to avail the Green Card.

Section of US society is inspired by the idea of tightening borders to stop the inflow of illegal immigrants while Clinton has been saying it is impractical to put complete curb on immigrants. Clinton is expected to inspire immigrant communities in the US which is substantial.

Compare this with Bernie Sanders, another Democratic aspirant, who has been saying he will use executive power to help illegal immigrants secure necessary legal status by not even going to the legislature. Sanders has gained following owing to his charitable view on illegal immigrants.

Withe the campaigning and securing party nomination now behind, the US will go to quadrennial election on Thursday November 8 which will culminate in the election of 58th president of the major world power. Since the Americans of Nepalese origins now add up to substantial figure, a large number of them can be expected to vote.

The election is inspiring interest in Americans of Nepalese origin, with a large number naturally inclined to vote for the Democratic party candidate Clinton although Trump too is inspiring section of voters for him forthright views and originality of thought.

Meanwhile Trump is trumpeting that a large number of illegal immigrants are not only disrupting work scenario but also fomenting crime rate, with the claim that it must be stopped now and here. He is also adding that he is not against legal immigration process.

If Trump is elected what appears a foregone conclusion is the US will get down to build wall along southern border that could cost billion. The southern border is so porous currently that human smugglers secure entry of thousands a months although not with clashes with border security forces.

The upcoming election will be one of a kind no matter who is elected. Just in the even the nation backs Clinton it will be for the first time the Land of Opportunity will be having a lady as the president. There is one more first if that happens: It will be for the first time the US gets to have wife of a former president in the White House.

By the same token, if Trump beats Hillary as appears a more likely scenario, it will be for the first time an outsider from politics will be beating politicians in their turf. Trump who has been into world of high finance will have turned America on its head to head to the White House as the nation’s first tycoon president.

Published Date: Saturday, August 6th, 2016 | 08:52 PM

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