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How was Justice Bam murdered? And Why?

KATHMANDU: Justice Ran Bahadur Bam is one of the most controversial supreme court justices in Nepal. For the past one and half year, Bam has not gone office and has been remaining at home, after the Judicial Council had recommended impeachment against him to taking bribe to declare justice in cases that he had seen.

At leasuire, Bam was engaged in his social circle and was guarded a body guarded. On Thursday morning (11 am) he was returning from Banglamukhi temple, where he had offered prayers.

In his car he was accompanied by one of his close friends Ramji Giri (father of comedian Deepak Giri). Both Giri and Bam were in the back seat of the car while the driver and body guard were in sitting in the front seats.

Their car was moving slowly near the Sankhamool Park when a black Pulsor bike went ahead of them and blocked the car from moving ahead. The bodyguard came out of the car and asked them why they were blocking the roads. The pillion rider on the bike, took out a gun and shot the bodyguard.

Terrorized with the scene, both Bam and Giri came out of the car and began to run. The shooter shot them both multiple rounds of bullets, while they left the driver and drove away from their.

Pedestrians near the scene rushed them to hospital and after some minutes police reached there and took the incident site under its control.


As said earlier Justice Bam was accused by many of justice seekers of taking bribes and enmeshed in corrupt practices. The Judicial council had also recommended that the parliament impeach him for the same.

Many had even demanded rigorous imprisonment for him, but Bam was so far left untouched due to various political and legal reasons.

While presently also some claim that this might be an outcome of his corrupt practices, others claim that this is not related to it.

Journalist Bikash Bhattarai, who has been reporting on judicial affairs for a quite while now claimed that the attack on Bam is not a personal affair. He claimed that the recent apex courts crack down on corruption and its denial to extend the term of the Constituent Assembly can be after the attack.

Published Date: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 | 12:59 AM

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