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‘Honeytrap’ parties that reek of sex & scandal: How the Indian Premier League has never been out of the spotlight

By DEEPTI JAKHAR and TANYA BANON (Daily Mail): If the previous seasons of the Indian Premier League have had the makings of a perfect Bollywood movie, season five that ends today could definitely qualify as a Mahesh Bhatt pot-boiler.
Brawls and babes, twists and turns, sleaze and scandals – the last two months of IPL have had the makings of a certified U/A film.
And it’s not the cuss words used liberally on the field that one is referring to. It’s the off the field activities, where when players play a different sort of field, one that includes girls, premium drinks, drugs and all night parties.
With an underbelly of debauchery, revelry, womanising and match fixing the IPL has opened its own murky can of worms.
The legendary IPL after parties from the Lalit Modi era might have been banned in order to ‘clean up’ the IPL of its excesses, but that hasn’t stopped party animals.If anything, the underground ‘unofficial’ after parties have gotten wilder and more risqué.
The case of American national Zohal Hamid’s alleged molestation by Australian cricketer Pomersbach and then him punching Sahil Peerzada has hogged headlines over the past days.Most IPL cricketers are seasonal stars who are just craving the limelight. The popularity and celebrity status all adds to them getting carried away at these hushed up soirees.
The ‘exclusive invitee onlu’ parties being hosted by socialites – are most often than not quick-tickets to fame; these parties are where drugs like cocaine and alcohol flows abundantly.
Even if you have a match slotted for the following day, the temptation to resist a few minutes living the high life is often too strong to resist for most.
Starlets like Simran Sood and Nupur Mehta have also done their parts in the glamour laden drama for no IPL party is complete without a handful of pretty women, be it foreign cheerleaders or Indian models in the making.
While Simran’s proximity to cricketers, event officials and bookies had gossip mongers happy in the after parties where she was a common face, Nupur Mehta was in the news recently being used as a ‘honeytrap’ for cricketers.
A heady mix of temptation, glamour and substances obviously make the people players, officials, bookies, organisers, babes and franchise owners that are involved feel either invincible or frustrated when not met with desired results.
The IPL might attempt at hushed up gatherings but it’s dirty laundry is now public knowledge.





Published Date: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 | 02:30 AM

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