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Honesty and sincerity is essential for national prosperity: Narayan Thapa

Narayan Thapa, is a renowned name among Nepalese diasporas as a democrat politician and as a successful restaurant entrepreneur. After spending 10 years of his life in Japan, he migrated to the States and has been actively involved in community work in Baltimore.He has been the founding member of Baltimore Association of Nepali Americans (BANA) and an active actor in the factionalism-ridden Nepali Congress’s sister organization Nepali Janamsampark Samiti (NJS) in the America.

Nepal24hours.com’s Purushottam Dhakal rolled out some straight questions to Thapa on issues related to the ongoing controversy within NJS and its upcoming general convention, conditions of Nepalese diasporas, and mainstreaming of Nepalese-Americans.


Is your American dream and objective fulfilled?

I have been here for the past ten years and i often question myself why i came here? But one of the major reasons was violence and fear. Don’t infer that i ran in fear. It was more because of compulsion.


What differences have you found in Japan, motherland Nepal and America?

Motherland always has an important role in an individual’s life. We are united with the bond of love, care and sympathy there but it is scarce in foreign land. In another words you can says that there is lack of nationalism, religion and diligence in us.


What are brighter side of America that Nepalese should adopt?

Nepalese are intellectual, diligent and smart. But one thing that remains to learn that we should be honest and sincerity for making a prosperous nation and people. And this is one of major factor that lies underneath the American progress.


What is condition of Nepalese Americans?

Most of the Nepalese Americans still have been not able to be a part of the American mainstream. One of the factors behind it is the lack of quest in getting to the right place for acquiring right information. Another problem lies in the diplomatic deficiency of Nepalese bureaucrats stationed here. Any person, who has been accorded posts on the basis of nepotism and boot-licking, cannot serve his responsibilities well and cannot perform tasks as prescribed.


What is hindering the mainstreaming of Nepalese Americans?

Despite lack of dexterity, we have worked hard and local institutions have been putting up efforts in that direction. Though being the first generation of Nepalese Americans, we have been not able to put up  good performance. But we need to continue our efforts and I am confident we will be in the mainstream one day.


There are opinions that claim that Nepalese-Americans have not been mainstreamed due to lack on the part of Nepalese Community organization’s to introduce community centered programs in the sector of education, health, social security, business and politics. Do you agree?

I support this opinion. This has been product that we brought with us from our motherland. And it is imperative that we hold serious discussions on this to eradicate it.  America is home to blacks, whites, and an array of races from the world. And we too have a cluster of races and ethnicities in Nepal and here in America too. It is important we should take the lead in moving ahead by assimilating each others differences for preserving our cultural, religious and racial heritages and for our common good. This will help us in mainstreaming.


Do you agree that we have been not able to mainstream because of the division seen in the Nepalese Community organization on the basis of language, culture and ethnicities ?

Nepalese Americans should come together by putting aside their linguistic, ethnic and cultural differences. It is necessary we cooperate with each other and be friends in good and bad times. This unity will ultimately mainstream us.


You have been actively involved in NJS. It is said that NC leaders who visit America despise to even hear the name of the organization, due to the split and anarchical situation within the organization. Is it true?

Well I am actively involved in NJS. I was a part of the NJS-Japan and had served the organization as its treasurer also than. But the claims that NC leaders don’t like to even hear the name of NJS-America is baseless.


What is main bone of contention within NJS-America?

Lack of discipline among the friends of NJS-America is the major factor for multiple contentions seen in the organization. And another factor is their lust for plum posts. Leaders (NC) are also equally responsible for the rift.


What are the ways to resolve this rifts and contentions?

One of the most imperative factor to resolve all the contentions is honesty. All should work in the interest of the organization, by keeping the statute of the Congress at the center. Everything should be done as outline it it. And the rest is party’s decision.


After Japan, you have been a successful businessman here too. What is success formula and is there anyone whom you would give the credit for this?

I was interested and involved in business since my early years. I was the first to immigrate to Japan on a business visa. And since my arrival in America Iam active in business here too. My long and seasoned experience in business backed by diligence and honesty and constant support of my wife Rabina are the secrets of my success.


In the end, is there anything that you would like say?

One thing that I would like to say is that whatever your profession is, one thing that remains vital for its success is diligence and honesty. If you incorporate these two simple principles you will satisfy yourself and your society. And for the politicians,I would like to suggest them that they keep national and people’s interest at the center and avoid doing politics for personal gains.


Published Date: Friday, April 20th, 2012 | 01:34 AM

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