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Gyanendra could be back in the throne any time this season

N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU: Political parties –or better still their leaders–appear determined to maintain the status quo and ensure that politics remains highly fluid for foreign powers to play.

Rightly enough smart analysts are already perceiving hand of foreign powers in it all. The entire idea is to revive the 1990 constitution and with it the monarchy.

In its wake those involved have instead of building a “new” Nepal turned the country into a veritable hell hole with all the ingredients of a failing state. The euphoria of the republican state has evaporated.

Shockingly enough former “revolutionaries” are now chase money while their parties become more or less NGOs while cadres fight for the piece of cake. In their wake they have secured license to loot.

The dreams spun by revolutionaries is a nightmare for those who fought for change thus setting in eternal pessimism.

Meanwhile no one caring for a new constitution while Prime Minister,Babu Ram Bhattarai perhaps knows who is drafting the new constitution and where.

Yes the entire plot is about keeping Nepal in suspended animation while everyone is kept waiting for some to be pitchforked to rule Nepal with outside dictation. Indians certainly will have strong role in Nepal as always.

Meanwhile it is time for “nationalists” to wait who gets the nod from Indians. The one who will be picked up will be the one who will agree to listen to Indian dictation at all times.

This becomes evident from the way leaders are flying to Delhi time and again. The latest is Indians have played the card and will accept anyone who takes on the status of king of Bhutan in Nepal.

Former king Gyanendra could be the man to take on that role.

The word is while meeting with Sonia in Delhi Gyanendra has been claimed to have convinced her to control the Chinese in Nepal if he gets the job.

All the available factors suggest that best bet for India would be to install — or rather reinstall the now dethroned king who would in all his honesty keep China at a distance.

Chinese too believe monarchy would be the best hope that could be manipulated to control anti-China elements as it did in the past.

No wonder why Gyanendra is upbeat and touring the country. Gyanendra has blessings from Sonia who dethroned her and is now willing to bring him back.

Published Date: Friday, March 30th, 2012 | 06:14 PM

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