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Government warns of action against employees snubbing Ordinance

KATHMANDU: The government has warned of taking action against those employees who refuse to go for adjustment as per the Employees Adjustment Ordinance-2075 and take to agitation protesting the Ordinance.
Spokesperson for the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration , Suresh Adhikari, said that the Ministry would take action against the employees who refuse to go for the adjustment arrangement at the centre, province and local levels in line with the Ordinance and instead going for protest movement against it.
According to him, action would be taken against the employees taking part in the agitation as per the Civil Service Act-2049 on the charge of flouting discipline and office conduct.
The Ministry has proceeded ahead with process of taking action after the employees started agitation against the government almost daily inside Singha Durbar, the central government secretariat complex, without going for adjustment in keeping with the Ordinance.
Spokesperson Adhikari said action would be taken against the civil servants not abiding by discipline and office conduct as per the Civil Service Act.
According to him, employees neglecting the code of conduct and discipline as per the Chapter 7 of the Civil Service Act and involving in unusual activities like writing status, posting photos and putting views against the Government; the Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Babu Pandit; Secretary at the Ministry Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya including insinuating the Ministry in the social networking sites and writing such content in the newspapers and articles in an untoward, improper, irresponsible, undisciplined and unprofessional manner, would be identified and taken action.
It is stated that a record of civil servants putting their views in the social networking sites in an irresponsible and undisciplined way against the Minister, Secretary and others linking them with particular post, class, caste and community, and in a way that they are not in the role of the civil servant, has also been maintained by the Ministry.
He said that those government employees spreading misleading information about the adjustment and conducting disorderly activities would be brought to book according to the Civil Service Act-2049 and Civil Service Regulation-2050, Good-Governance (Management and Operation) Act-2064 and Good Governance (Management and Operation) Regulation-2065 and Electronic Transaction Act-2063.
Spokesperson Adhikari urged all the government employees to participate in the adjustment process as per the Civil Servants Adjustment Act-2075. Government has launched online applications since last Wednesday for the employees in the Federal government to adjust them in all three level.
Former Chief Secretary of government Bimal Koirala argued that it was not good to protest in the name of adjustment of civil servants.
Urging the civil servants to abide by discipline and code of conduct, he said, “The government employees should work in the station deployed by government.”
As many as 47,920 government employees would be adjusted in the federal government while 22,755 in the provincial government and 67,503 in local level.
The government has aimed to carry out the placement process of civil servants across three layers of government by the mid-January this year.
Adjustment of government employees is taken as one of the key ingredient of implementation of federalism.

Published Date: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 | 12:29 AM

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