Giri senses emergency in the offing

KATHMANDU: Chairperson of Nepal Sadbhvana Party, Sarita Giri, has said the country has already ushered in Khas authoritarianism.

Organizing a press meet at Madhes Media House in the capital on Tuesday, she accused the government of setting up people’s government by appointing regional administrators.

It was worrying that the Constituent Assembly members were not provided the first draft of constitution in spite of fast approaching date to promulgate the constitution, she said, adding that the people’s representatives were unaware of this.

There was a chance of declaring an emergency in the country by bringing Article 64 of the Interim Constitution into action as 32,000 army persons were deployed in the Madhes alone in recent six months.

The peace process concluded forcefully would lead to fatal repercussion, she claimed.

Some 20,000 ex-fighters of the Maoists including 4,000 disqualified and 16,000 who opted for voluntary retirement- are still among people.

It was the violation of the Constitution to mobilize Nepali Army in the fighters-lodged cantonments without taking the President’s consent, she added. RSS

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