Freed Kamaiyas receive ID Cards

KATHMANDU, March 30: The Freed Haliya Rehabilitation and Monitoring Taskforce has so far distributed identity cards to 1,215 freed Haliya (previous bonded labourers) households.
The taskforce started distributing identity cards to the previous bonded workers since October 31, 2011.

Among the card recipient families are 147 in Darchula, 252 in Baitadi, 223 in Kanchanpur, 119 in Bajhang, eight in Surkhet, 89 in Surkhet, 69 in Kailali, 54 in Jajarkot, 43 in Humla, 56 in Achham, 130 in Doti and 79 in Dadeldhura, according to the taskforce.

Taskforce Coordinator Hariram Sripaili informed public that red identity card was given away to those having no house and land, brown one to those having house but no land, green ID card to those having land but no house and white card to those having both house and land.

 The immediate plan is to address the problems related to residence, livelihood, education, health and inclusion based on the district-wide data following the handover of identity card.

The government had announced Haliya liberation on September 2008 with a comprehensive plan to scrap Haliya system, enforce Haliya Labour Prohibition Act, rehabilitate freed Haliyas, provide them with 10 ropanis of land in mountain region and 10 kattha in Terai for residence, among others. RSS

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