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I found Modi very positive towards Nepal and Nepali: Prachanda, Chairman UCPN (Maoist)

Question: How much fruitful was your recent India Visit?
Answer: Prior to my India visit I had clearly put my words to Journalist and to all the Nepali people that our party and other major parties have already decided to complete the peace and constitutional process. The first draft of the constitution has already reached the hands of people. Regarding the Peace and constitution-drafting process our neighboring countries have been supporting us from the beginning, so we are clear on the point that the need of harmony of India is essential. Basically, my visit was focused Regarding the purpose of making the environment towards Peace and constitution-drafting process and to study about how the reconstruction works were carried in the Gujarat after the earthquake. Moreover, I have the intention to create new ways to promote bilateral relations between the two nations. I had met and talked with the president, prime minister, ministers and leaders of various parties. During the meeting I had explained the attempts going on for the completion of the peace and constitution process and also elaborated in favor of the decision taken by the political parties recently. I believe that and quite confident that he Indian government, the leaders and the people’s faith will be towards our attempts. On this basis, I believe that my visit is quite fruitful

Question: What special thing did Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tell you? What was his opinion regarding the constitution writing process?
Answer: Showing the special affinity towards me the Indian Home Minister Raj Nath Singh and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi told me with special emphasis that my role is very special regarding the peace and constitution work and should further exist too. The Prime Minster didn’t dictate anything regarding the promulgation of a new constitution. He didn’t utter any word regarding the tense-raising here at our country regarding the demarcation and the naming of the federal state. He only remarked that let the new constitution be promulgated with maximum consent among the parties. Exactly borrowing his words he told that there shouldn’t be any seed of conflict remains so discussing with everyone the maximum consensus constitution should be promulgated. I am feeling that Modi is very positive towards Nepal and Nepali.

Question:The new constitution should incorporate everyone’s aspirations, is this what Modi’s desired?
Answer: Exactly. He didn’t dictate. He did not appear in sermon style. He clearly expressed that the new constitution, which incorporate everyone’s aspiration could lead Nepal further in better path. While inaugurating Trauma Centre in Nepal Modi had suggested that there should be maximum consensus build up among the Maoist, Madeshi and Pahadi while promulgating a new constitution , which I had reminded on the visit. He re-emphasized it. In fact, this point is the draft of the hands of the people, there are still enough debate and discussion. In fact, at this point there is the draft on the hands of the people, there are still enough debate and discussion going on. There is a space for revision of draft too. I informed him that we are trying to incorporate aspiration of maximum people through the new constitution.

Question: Is he meant to indicate to carry Madesh based parties together rather than agitating them?
Answer: About forty minutes in conversation with Modi, I didn’t notice that his version is against Pahadi nor for Madehsi. Overall his intention was letting the new constitution be built with maximum consensus among the political parties so that everyone should have an affinity towards it. His concern is let we don’t have any sorts of conflict after promulgation of a new constitution. He again emphasized that if the new constitution is promulgated with leaving several issues, then the conflict will arise in future, so he has a special interest and concern that the leader should be very conscious about it.

Question: Here was rumor that Prachanda’s India visit will bring special twist in Nepal’s current political scenario ,how you take this visit?
Answer: I didn’t make this visit for any personal gain.Being alert with the welfare of the nation as it is going difficult situation,being sensitive towards the quick desire of the constitution of the people and as the process of modifying of the first draft was continuing here I went to visit India to get the harmony of the neighboring country towards our peace and constitution process. Another thing is that I reminded Modi about the Kalapani and Susta he had told during his Nepal Visit. I told him that as Nepali people have more faith towards him, it is expected to get towards the direction of resolving issues. After the visit of Modi the issue regarding the Lipulake has been raised up and as the aspect of the issue is highly voiced up by the people, I couldn’t resist to ask his version to be made public regarding the issue. Moreover, regarding the interests of the two countries and ways to further enhance bilateral relations this visit was very positive.

Question: How was Modi’s response regarding the Lipulake?
Answer: He said that he will do what he can regarding the concern and need of Nepal’s on Lipulake issue. He made a remark that the peace process we adopt was great and has historical importance. Exactly, he didn’t make any comment regarding the Lipulake, maybe as I had already talked about it with the foreign minister. I had asked the Foreign Minister Shusma Sworaj that on the basis of the facts as soon as possible it should be solved. Definitely the minister must have reported it accordingly and hope that Modi is serious about this issue.

Question: As your visit to India has been held, should we understand that the Lipulake issue will be resolved.
Answer: I have presented seriously regarding the public interest and concern, and Nepal’s stand on Lipulake. I believe that India will seriously forth out the solution of this issue. As both the countries India and China have made this agreement it might be difficult for one to speak. I am fully optimistic that they will understand the Nepaal’s concern.
When we were having devastating earthquake, for the support that India has shown during relief and rescue phase, the amount of assistance announced for reconstruction phase I expressed my gratitude towards the Government of India and to the Leaders. As the support and intimacy that India has shown us during the devastating earthquake we can expect that India will definitely sort out the solution regarding the Lipulake and other issue.

Question:From the several corners there were suspicious observation and remarks regarding your visit, do you like to say anything?
Answer: Our country is also called as a country cursed by Sati from the time of Bhim Malla. Unfortunately, whenever we make an approach with the best aspects of the country and the people or approach to improve the relation between the two countries there are always someone to pull the leg. However, if we continue our task for the country and the people such objection will be washed off slowly.

Question: The demand regarding demarcation and the naming of the federal units before promulgating the new constitution will be addressed?

Answer: Before my trip to India I have already told that it would be better if we could do it. As the people have given feedback regarding the demarcation and naming of the federal unit,the major political parties should have once again sit and discuss. I couldn’t predict it before parties meeting.
Overall Constitution desiring maximum consensus, not the constitution that no affinity contrary, by desiring good discussion so devoid of conflict in Nepal constitution, his concern was evident.

:: Photo: Chairman of UCPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal’Prachanda’ calls on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Published Date: Friday, July 24th, 2015 | 10:40 PM

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