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Facebook Scandal gets ugly as Chapali Heights stars clash with eachother

Raj Ghimire of the movie Chapali Heights has lodged a case against his co-star Binita Baral and model Dikpal Karki for defaming his name through facebook.

Police have taken custody of Dikpal Karki who has been accused by Raj for using fake accounts in the name of Binaya DC and Sagun KC to publish foul language and insults against Raj, in attempt to defame his name. When Raj
showed the messages sent to him from Dikpal’s facebook account, Dikpal was quick to deny the accusations and stated that his account has been hacked.

More so, Raj believes that his co-star Binita is behind the plan and blames her for motivating Dikpal to commit the crime.This incident has aggravated to the point that Binita and Raj spewed venom at eachother at the Police Office
with Binita warning Raj that she would crack his head with her helmet if need be.


Published Date: Thursday, June 21st, 2012 | 05:52 PM

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