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Do you feel the way I do ?

By Sanju Adhikari

Do you Ever…
As sunshine swims in eyelashes softly
Every breathe you inhales naively
I touch your pulses in every breezy air
Will hug you tight and gently kiss to rave.

Ask yourself, and answer me honestly
It’s confession that emancipates you fully
If your heart beats faster with my name
If that spirit craves for me every joy-chain.

No it’s not a hallucinations or mere dream
It’s a vibe that flows around and within
Mutual gravity, stony world never knows
Eternal meiosis is a magic, igniting vows.

Tell me with open heart, oh my love
Whether my absence disturbs you sore
Do you also miss me every step you take
Or you find me there in all smiles you make?

As I feel you deep inside and blossoms bright
Does its addictive fragrance pull you tight?
Can my vibes reaches gently below ur ears
Whispering our secret tune, sprinkling desires?

Do you ever feel complete to find me in maze?
Mystical tickling in finger gaps, Can’t resist craze?
Do you really sense me in own shadow?
Or inside super-secret zone, tell me marshmallow!

(Author and Poet Sanju Adhikari associate with different organization as freelance. Sanju Adhikari @ Andherisanzu)

Published Date: Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 | 06:10 PM

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