Dalit lawmakers launch salvo against bureaucracy

Kathmandu, April 2: Lawmakers have complained that the administration was indifferent towards the issues of the dalit community.
Speaking in the meeting of the sub-committee under the Legislature-Parliament’s committee on women, children and social welfare here today, the sub-committee members said in most of the cases the district administration offices refused to register incidents involving the dalits.

The sub-committee was constituted to carry out a study on ways of resolving the problems related to racial discrimination and the practice of untouchability.

The meeting chaired by sub-committee convenor  Binod Pahadi denounced the incident in which one Sete Damai, a member of the dalit community, was killed by the people of the so-called upper caste. The incident took place at Dhanigaon, Toli VDC-2, Dailekh district on August 30, 2011 and it is said Damai was murdered as his son married a girl of the so-called upper caste.

The sub-committee members also expressed objection to the indifference of the police and the administration over this incident.

Similarly, the sub-committee has demanded stern action against the culprits of the incident of killing of a dalit man, 21-year-old Shiva Shankar Das that took place at Pansera VDC-5, Saptari district on January 30. The dalit person was allegedly killed by the relatives of the so-called upper caste girl ‘for having a love affair’ with her.

The sub-committee members said in this case also the district administration office concerned initially refused to register the case let alone apprehend the culprits.

In the meeting, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Rabindra Pratap Shah, expressed the determination that all the complaints concerning the caste discrimination and the practice of untouchability would be dealt with seriously.

He denied receiving any political pressure on any of these incidents. RSS

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