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Cow, Ox being worshipped; Newar worships self

On the third day of 5-day-long Yam Panchak Tihar, Gaipuja or cow worship, Goru Puja or ox worship is being observed today by the Hindus across the nation. The cow is revered and worshipped as the representation of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, by applying oil on its hoofs and horns and putting red and yellow marks on its body. Hindus also honour the cow as the mother and benefactor. The Govardhan Puja ritual is also observed today. A replica of the Govardhan Mountain is made out of the cow dung. People prepare a mixture of the cow dung and ochre formed into a paste and apply on the courtyard of their homes and on the floors.
Similarly, the ox is also worshipped today as it is a very useful animal in different agricultural works in Nepal which is a predominantly agricultural country.

Likewise, the people of the Newar community observe the Mha Puja ritual in the evening today. Mha Puja is the worship of the self.
Mha Puja is based on the religious belief that the soul or self is the most important in the world and that if the soul is satisfied, the gods are also satisfied and one’s life becomes meaningful and prosperous.

Published Date: Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 | 03:13 AM

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